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Snoring During Pregnancy – The Possible Causes and Effective Remedies

Pregnant women undergo tremendous physical changes during as well as after their pregnancy’s tenure. Snoring is something that is commonly noticed in all pregnant women. Although harmless in nature, it can get a little annoying after some time, especially for the partner. In this detailed article, we will take you through some effective remedial measures you can take to get over this irritating problem!

When you’re fast asleep, your mouth’s soft palate, which is situated on the mouth’s roof gets relaxed. Passage of air through this relaxed palate causes it to vibrate and produce the snoring sound. Such snoring is quite commonly found in both women and men and snoring devices (like SnoreRx and ZQuiet) help solve this by moving the lower jaw slightly forward. However, when it comes to pregnant women, they are bound to snore more aggressively and often, compared to normal women and men. It must be noted that snoring can become quite embarrassing after some time and may turn out to be a major problem for the partner. Hence, it is essential to tackle it at its root and do away with it as soon as possible.

The rate and intensity of snoring may increase dramatically in pregnant women as their term progresses. It may also indicate that the person is receiving a reduced supply of oxygen.

Let’s now get to the well-known causes and remedies of snoring problem in pregnant women.

Pregnant women need to be very careful about what they eat, including the medications and food. It is not advisable to start consuming just about any OTC (over the counter) medicines and/or supplements without consulting a qualified gynecologist. If not addressed in time, the snoring problem can turn chronic and in some cases may even hamper the proper growth of fetus. Following are some important reasons why pregnant women snore all the more, along with the remedies.

  • The posture in which you sleep has a lot of effect on the snoring habit. It is advisable that you sleep in a comfortable posture to avoid putting any pressure on your normal breathing. Try sleeping on your side, instead of back and keep an additional pillow under your head to improve air passage. Furthermore, doctors suggest that you must avoid use of any sleeping pills or sedatives while trying to treat the snoring habit.
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns are also one of the most often noticed causes of pregnancy-related snoring. Insufficient sleep can cause an expecting mother to experience major hormonal and emotional changes. Consumption of caffeinated drinks or alcohol can also disturb the sleep patterns. If possible, avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks at all cost, apart from the smoking habit during your pregnancy. These can be very harmful to the child. Instead, opt for cold milk just before you go to sleep. Having a tablespoonful of olive oil each day is also known to have a positive effect on snoring.
  • Experienced gynecologists throughout the world encourage pregnant women to indulge in short morning and evening walks. Going on such walks can have a positive impact on your breathing and improve the oxygen supply to your body. Performing certain breathing exercise on a daily basis can also prove to be quite effective in overcoming the snoring problem.
  • Weight gain is something that all women go through when they are pregnant, and it is one of the most significant causes of the snoring problem in pregnant women. As their body mass increases with each passing day, pregnant women undergo expansion in their muscles. The muscles located in their throat and nose also undergo expansion, which can contribute to the snoring habit. Although this is something that is inevitable, you can definitely manage it better to prevent it from becoming a hassle in your everyday life. Please keep in mind that if you follow any weight management routine during pregnancy, it should not interfere with your body’s nutritional requirements. It’ll be better if you consult your gynecologist and perform some mild exercise on a daily basis to address the weight gain problem in a safe manner.
  • Sleep apnea is another important health condition that causes the snoring problem in pregnant women. This condition can develop if the woman is experiencing some kind of obstruction inside her nasal passage and doesn’t take timely medical care for its treatment. Such obstruction can reduce the oxygen supply to the brain, possibly resulting in many undesirable complications. In worst cases, sleep apnea can retard or delay the development and growth of fetus, also resulting in death.
  • Many women who develop the snoring problem during pregnancy are found to be also suffering from pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a medical condition in which the pregnant woman’s blood pressure may shoot up every now and then. Its other physical symptoms are the liver malfunction, severe headaches, swelling in the extremities, excessive protein in urine etc. If left untreated, pre-eclampsia can lead to complications for both the child and the mother, even putting their lives at risk in some cases. If diagnosed and treated in time, this condition can be controlled effectively and snoring can also be stopped as a result.

Apart from using the treatment methods detailed above, you can also obtain immediate relief from the snoring problem by opting for a good quality anti snoring mouthpiece. Please remember that snoring during pregnancy can be problematic both for your baby and you. If you have tried and tested every method under the sun and are yet experiencing recurring episodes of snoring, contact your obstetrician or gynecologist immediately. Here’s wishing you a snoring-free, safe and healthy motherhood!

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