Snoring Aids

For those plagued by snoring, there is no price you can put on a good night’s rest. The decision to invest in a snoring aid is a simple one. However, the dozens of snoring aids available can make this a complicated decision, as each one has its own features.

Knowing the details of anti-snoring products can help you to make an educated purchasing decision.

Top Snoring Mouthpiece: SnoreRx

snorerx snoring aidThe highest-rated snoring mouthpiece available is the SnoreRx anti-snoring mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is a mandibular assist device, or MAD, that keeps the jaw thrust forward within the cavity of the mouth.

By keeping the jaw thrust forward, this opens a wider space in the back of the mouth, where the air can flow freely in the airways to the lungs.

Comfortable Fit

The SnoreRx is adjustable and is thermally fitted to the dimensions of your teeth for optimal comfort. The trays that fit around the teeth are fitted through a heated boil-and-bite process that is similar to the way expensive dental trays are created but can be completed in your own home.

Furthermore, the lower tray that is responsible for positioning the jaw can be adjusted in small increments of 1 millimeter, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your mouth.

SnoreRx is Approved by the FDA

What makes SnoreRx the best snoring mouthpiece is its approval for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This ensures the safety and reliability of the device.    SnoreRx is the only snoring mouthpiece approved by the FDA.

Safe Materials

This device is made from a substance called copolymer, which softens to fit around your teeth and will not cause damage to the teeth or gums. People with latex allergies can use it since its free of both BPA and latex.

The mouthpiece is 100% made in the USA, a testament to the quality and durability of its construction.

SnoreRX is Approved by the American Sleep Association

It also has glowing reviews online by users that state it is more comfortable than any other mouthpiece due to its ease of calibration. Most importantly, it is effective at preventing snoring and improving sleep quality for people who snore.

As one satisfied user reported, “the SnoreRx mouthpiece is worth its weight in gold! It took a few nights before I was able to find the perfect setting for my mouth. However, once I did, the snoring stopped immediately and hasn’t returned since. It is amazing to me that it costs less than $100 for a year or more of restful sleep!”

Affordable Pricing

The price of the SnoreRx mouthpiece was recently reduced from $129 to $99, making this anti-snoring device more affordable than ever. For those who travel frequently or tend to misplace things, the SnoreRx mouthpiece is also available in a package of two at a price of $154. Buying in a package of two is an excellent deal for those who will use the device on a nightly basis, resulting in a savings of $44.

The SnoreRx comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can try it for a month risk-free and return it without penalty if you find it isn’t helping to relieve your snoring symptoms. However, it does not come with a warranty.

According to the manufacturer, the SnoreRx device has a usable life of 12 to 15 months. Those who use the device more heavily, such as those who grind their teeth, will have to replace it on a yearly basis, while it lasts somewhat longer for those who do not use it as heavily.

Top Tongue Retaining Device: Good Morning Snore Solution

good morning snore solution packageThe top-rated tongue restraining device (TRD) available is the Good Morning Snore Solution. For many snorers, their tongue tends to fall backward in the mouth obstructing the opening to the throat and reducing the ability for air to flow in and out. This is what causes their snoring. The device works by retraining the movement of the tongue to keep it placed forward in the mouth, preventing this blockage and thereby preventing snoring.

The Good Morning Snore works by resting between the cheeks, mouth, and teeth, and using a small sucking effect to keep the tongue restrained and pulled forwards within the oral cavity. Since it does not rest on the teeth themselves, there is no need for custom-fitting, and people with dentures or loose teeth can use the device.

This product has been approved for medical use by government agencies in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union, meaning it meets the highest possible standards of quality and safety. Another one of the main benefits of this device is its simplicity of use. There are no parts to adjust or custom fit, you simply place the device in position and let it do its job.

One satisfied user stated, “this is the only device that has been able to stop me from snoring, period. Its flexible construction and placement within the mouth means there is no fussing around adjusting it. However, it did take a day or two to figure out how to make the suction work. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who snores!”

Comfortable and Easy to Wear

The Good Morning Snore Solution is constructed from a soft, flexible medical-grade silicone, and contains neither latex nor BPA. It is comfortable and easy to wear and contains no metal components that could irritate the mouth.

The Good Morning Snore Solution comes at a price of $99.94 for a single device, or a pack of two for $149.94. At this price point is it comparable to other options such as mandibular adjustment devices.

The manufacturer states this product will normally last around 12 months but recommends replacing it sooner if it shows obvious signs of wear and tear. Though it does not come with a full warranty, the Good Morning Snore Solution has a 90-day money back guarantee. This gives you three months to test out the device risk-free and see if it will work for you.

Top Chin Strap for Snoring: My Snoring Solution

my snoring solution on a dummySeveral chin straps are available on the market that proclaim to prevent snoring. Of these, the top-rated one is the My Snoring Solution chin strap. This chin strap has been on the market for more than 15 years and has truly withstood the test of time.

Many people who snore are snoring because the jaw is not correctly aligned to facilitate optimal airflow through the mouth. The jaw, tongue, and structures inside the oral cavity are obstructing the air from getting in and out, and snoring is the natural result.

The chin strap works by supporting the jaw to align it correctly in relation to the skull and the airway to keep the airway from becoming obstructed. This is like the mechanism of action of the tongue restraining device but adjusts the jaw primarily. The My Snoring Solution chin strap provides support to the lower jaw and is looped around the base of the skull and the top of the head with two straps.

Less Invasive

Constructed from a soft and stretchy flexible material, this product can easily be washed by hand or in a conventional washing machine and hung to dry. The chin strap comes in small, medium, and large sizes for people under 120 pounds, 120-250 pounds, and greater than 250 pounds, respectively.

A clinical trial of chinstrap technology was recently conducted in Kochi, Japan, and found that the use of a chin strap to support the jaw during sleep time reduces symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea and reduces snoring. For people who cannot tolerate having anything in their mouth when they sleep, this chin strap is an excellent anti-snoring option that is far less invasive than most mouthpiece options.

For how restrictive it appears, this chin strap is surprisingly comfortable and lightweight. Made of a soft and comfortable material, most users report they barely notice it on their face after a few days.

Money Back Guarantee

James, a user of this chin strap for over a decade, left us the following review. “When we first got married, my wife was so frustrated with my snoring and would try to roll me over onto my side in the middle of the night to get me to stop. When she first wanted me to try this chin strap, I was skeptical. However, it worked superbly! Since then, I haven’t had a single night where I have woken up her or myself from my snoring. This is truly a miracle product.”

The My Snoring Solution chin strap with a 100% money back guarantee for the first 90 days of use, and it can be returned for a full refund at any point during that period. The company also offers free exchanges should you inadvertently order the incorrect size for your face.

At a price of just $79.97, this is one of the less-expensive anti-snoring devices. Unlike many anti-snoring mouthpieces, it can usually be used for more than a year at a time without requiring replacement. Better yet, the My Snoring Solution website is currently offering a two-for-one deal on these chin straps.

Top Anti-Snoring Pillow: Level Sleep

back view of levelsleep pillowFew people consider the impact their pillow has on their snoring. However, a good pillow can relieve airway obstruction and stop snoring from happening. For many people, the Level Sleep pillow is just what they need to stop snoring for good.

This product works by providing much-needed ergonomic support to the neck and head. By keeping these structures in the proper alignment, they are better positioned to promote adequate airflow that is not constructed by the tongue, jaw, or soft tissues inside the mouth. The contours of the pillow ensure optimal airway positioning as well as comfort.

The pillow also features bilateral ear wells that promote comfort and air flow to the ears. It is optimized for sleeping on the side, which is ideal for many people who suffer from snoring.

Clinical Trials Illustrated Reduced Snoring

Clinical trials conducted by Dr. Clete Kushida at the Stanford University Medical Centre found this pillow reduced snoring behavior by more than 78%, meaning it is highly effective at reducing sleep apnea symptoms and keeping your sleep from being interrupted by snores.

The pillow is constructed from durable, comfortable polyurethane foam, with a cover made from easily washable stretch polyester. The pillow is adjustable for different heights according to user preference, ensuring comfort as the pillow is used.

One mother who used this pillow for the first time reported the following: “After trying several mouthpieces and failing, I thought I was destined for a lifetime of snoring, fatigue, and poor sleep. Not so! Even for people who cannot tolerate invasive devices, options are available. This pillow stopped my snoring and is easily the most comfortable pillow I have slept on.”

At a price of $149, this pillow is slightly more expensive than some of the other anti-snoring aids. However, it does come with a risk-free 110-night trial period during which the pillow may be returned for a full refund.

Top Nasal Dilator: MUTE

mute nasal dilatorFor people who snore through their nose, the MUTE nasal dilator is a snoring solution that can help them breathe easier, prevent snoring, and sleep better throughout the night. For some nose breathers, there may be a physical reason why they suffer from snoring, such as a deviated septum or simply narrow airways. For others, congestion or seasonal allergies may be at fault. Regardless, the ability of air to flow easily through the nose is impeded, and this blockage of the air passage results in snoring.

Clinical trials have found that removing the obstruction of the nasal passages results in a better night’s sleep and eliminates snoring for a large proportion of device users. Another clinical trial by the manufacturer found more than a 75% reduction in reported snoring severity by users and their sleeping partners, as well as a 75% increase of users reporting the ability to breathe better at night.

The MUTE nasal dilator works exactly the way its name would suggest: it gently dilates the airway, making it easier for air to flow unimpeded in and out of the nose. This device is made from soft medical-grade polymer and comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. A sample pack containing all three sizes is available for people who are unsure of what size they should be using. A sizing guide is also available on the MUTE website.

The device is a small loop-shaped object that is inserted into the nose and has two soft polymer paddles with small ribbed areas that press outward on the inside of the nostrils. Once inserted, the nostrils are gently adjusted over the paddles to ensure optimal fit and comfort.

Provides a Good Night’s Sleep

The device stays in the nose overnight. As you sleep, the paddles provide a small outwards counter pressure and keep the nasal passages open for the easy flow of air in and out of the nose.

One user reports, “After thirty-five years as a snorer, I truly thought nothing would ever work for me. The NUTE nasal dilator has been the answer to my dreams! I finally can sleep through the night without snoring, and I always wake up feeling refreshed. Best of all, I can finally share a bed with my wife without waking her up due to my snores.” Another strong endorsement of this product is available on the MUTE website from Mrs. Jenny Chapman, who is proclaimed to be the loudest snorer in the United Kingdom.

The MUTE nasal dilator comes in a pack 0f 3 for $39.99. According to the company, three nasal dilators is a one-month supply. Although the annual cost of the MUTE nasal dilator makes it one of the more expensive anti-snoring aids, it is among the most effective options for people who suffer from nasal snoring.

This product comes with a label warning that it is for the treatment of snoring but not for sleep apnea, and people who suspect they have sleep apnea should not use the device and instead consult with a physician. The device should be washed immediately after every use in warm water. However, it is still recommended to use a new device every ten-days due to the accumulation of bacteria on the device as well as discoloration and stiffening of the polymer that may affect fit and comfort. There is no warranty or trial period associated with this product, and returns are only accepted based on defects or manufacturing problems at the time of receiving the product.

How Snoring Aids Work

Snoring is above all a problem related to the inability of air to flow in and out of the lungs via the mouth and nose. For instance, in obstructive sleep apnea, the jaw or tongue partially obstructs the airway, and this restriction makes it difficult for air to get in and out, producing the noise we call a snore. For people with seasonal allergies; inflammation, airway restriction, and excessive mucus production have the same effect and can cause snoring as well.

All anti-snoring aids work to widen the airway and make it easier for air to flow through the airway. Mandibular adjustment devices and chin straps work to address malposition of the jaw. Tongue restraining devices prevent the tongue from blocking the flow of air. Nasal dilators increase the diameter of the nostrils, improving airflow for nose breathers.

Which Devices to Try

Ultimately, which device will work best for your snoring depends on the nature of your snoring problem. Each device treats a different problem of the upper airway to prevent snoring from occurring.

For most people, mouthpieces work the best to prevent snoring from happening, such as the SnoreRx mandibular adjustment device. For people who are appropriate candidates for treatment with a mouthpiece, mandibular adjustment devices tend to show the greatest results and do not take a long time to start working.

A review of more than 20 years of clinical trials of snoring mouthpieces found they are very highly effective at treating snoring as a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Not only did they greatly reduce snoring, but they were found to be as effective as a surgical intervention but with a far better risk profile and acceptability to clients.

However, mandibular adjustment devices are not appropriate for all people, and cannot be used by people who wear dentures or have loose teeth. Furthermore, some people find it difficult to adjust to sleeping with a device in their mouth and are unable to tolerate this and still get a good night’s sleep.

Trial and Error

Tongue restraining devices are another good option. However, they can be uncomfortable to wear and are not tolerated well by all people, as with the mandibular adjustment devices. Some people who cannot tolerate a mouthpiece will do well with a tongue restraining and vice versa.

For people who are unable to breathe through the nose, such as those with allergies, a tongue restraining device is not an appropriate option as nasal breathing is required with this device. A nasal dilator such as the MUTE nasal dilator is an excellent option for people whose snoring occurs through the nose. However, this nasal dilator must not be used by people with obstructive sleep apnea.

Keep in mind that all these products can be returned during the trial period if you find they aren’t working for you. The best approach is trial and error: choose a device based on the nature of your own snoring, and then keep trying different devices until you find the one that will work best for you.