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Who Is The Zyppah Guy? We Found Out

Those who watch MSNBC or listen to Sirius XM radio, or plenty of other media sources, have probably heard Jimmy, the memorable spokesperson for Zyppah with the stereotypical grating New York accent. The viewer never sees Jimmy on camera but he makes his presence known, and everyone has an opinion about Jimmy!

He’s a lot like Wilson from the Home Improvement television series – the audience never gets to see what it wants to see of him and they can’t get enough of him!

The marketing genius of Zyppah

Not too many people know enough about snore guards that they can recognize a brand immediately, but Zyppah is becoming a household name after introducing the world to Jimmy, the wise guy, joke-cracking New Yorker hiding behind a megaphone in all their commercials.

It’s a brilliant marketing ploy – everyone either loves him or hates him, but he gets the viewer’s attention. His voice screams, “Hey! It’s Jimmy!” and you WILL turn to your television and listen, whether you want to or not.

Now Zyppah, perhaps not the best snore guard on the market but one of them, has the most recognizable brand. Also smart was combining this marketing with the unusual look of the Zyppah. Designed to look like a mouth guard for athletes, many have wondered what the point in the vanity design was for an item one wears while sleeping in the dark – no one will see it. And now the public can see the answer – the memorable appearance stands out and so does the product name, thanks to Jimmy.

Despite not being quite the best in the market, Zyppah will likely become the best seller. It was already near the top due to being a high-quality product. The marketing plan to end all marketing plans is just what will push it to the number one spot.

Jimmy’s got jokes

“Is your snorin’ so loud that the cops show up at your front door talkin’ about disturbin’ the peace? You need to get a Zyppah.”

“Is your snorin’ so loud that you’re settin’ off car alarms? You need to get a Zyppah.”

“Is your snorin’ so loud when you go on vacation with your own family, you gotta stay in your own room? You need to get a Zyppah.”

And in case the viewer felt bad about their Italian New Yorker stereotypes because of the accent? Zyppah doesn’t mind. “From one boss to another, you need to get a Zyppah.”

In the best Jimmy from Zyppah commercial, he talks about the health concerns of snoring while cracking inappropriate jokes. “Imma touch it right now,” he insists while reminding people that snoring is unhealthy for the snorer but also causes problems for those who live with them.

Jimmy is a brilliantly light-hearted way to grab people’s attention and talk about a problem that no one assumes is serious but inconveniences everyone. He makes jokes about things that shouldn’t be joked about, subtly making the point that snoring isn’t very funny either.

Jimmy has a full-time job

Jimmy isn’t just some crass New Yorker telling everybody what to do. Jimmy is a salesperson. He’s the top sales guy in his company, and he markets one of the best-selling snore guards in the world. The Zyppah is a hybrid mandibular advancement device and tongue stabilizing device, which is just a fancy way of categorizing the apparatus, and Jimmy doesn’t do fancy, so he just wants to help you stop snoring.   The Zyppah competes with products such as ZQuiet, SnoreRx, and Good Morning Snore Solution.

It’s the only snore guard on the market that combines both types and is revolutionary in that regard. You can get it in different colors – green, pink (with proceeds going in part to the Susan G. Komen Foundation – stop snoring and save the tatas at one time!), and…camouflage? You know so that no one will see the mouth guard.

The Zyppah is one-size-fits-all, but the fit is customized to your mouth and bite using a heated mold. It’s a do-it-yourself process, so you don’t have to pay an orthodontist for x-rays and fittings. Jimmy thought of everything for you. He’s a regular guy like you, and that’s how you know it works, it’s honest, and it isn’t too pricey. The Zyppah is accessible, just like Jimmy.

Who is Jimmy?

Everyone wants to see more of Jimmy. Lean a little more to the left, maybe you can see him over the megaphone. (That never works). Freeze the video! I think I see his eyes! (That doesn’t work either). Even accepting that maybe he isn’t real and trying to find the voice-over actor proves fruitless.

So, who is Jimmy? Obviously, we’ll have to decide on this ourselves. Well, he’s a native New Yorker, and it must be Brooklyn with that accent. He must be Italian since he’s a “boss.” And Jimmy has a heart of gold. Jimmy cares about our snoring, and he cares about our families who aren’t sleeping enough either. Jimmy only wants to help us, and he’s humble. He never raises his voice; that’s why he needs a megaphone to deliver his message. He’s a family guy with a lot of little ones and a wife who talks just like him (it might even be Fran Drescher from The Nanny, but I haven’t decided yet). He has a golden retriever and coaches his boys’ Little League team on the weekends. He doesn’t show his face because this isn’t about him, it’s about us – either that or he’s in the Witness Protection Program; that is also possible. I don’t know why he carries around a megaphone; I guess he might manage a factory floor or a construction site – or maybe he’s an elementary school principal (he wears a suit!). I mean, of course, when he’s not being the number one salesperson for one of the best snore guards in America.

We need to know more about you, Jimmy.

One more example of the brilliance of “Jimmy”

Have you wondered the origin of the strange word Zyppah? (It’s pronounced Zie-pah, by the way, not Zip-uh). Unlike other snore guards that reference sleep or snoring in their product name, Zyppah sounds like an invented word. After all the other marketing risks they’ve taken, that is appreciated. Nothing in the name reveals what the product is, and it adds to the whole marketing package. But even better, according to Jimmy, Zyppah is Happy Z spelled backward. Get it? Happy. Zzzzzzz. Jimmy, you’re killin’ me! Fuhgeddaboudit!


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