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SnoreRx Review Amazon – Where to Buy The SnoreRx

The SnoreRx is a top of the line anti-snoring oral device. It’s currently the number one selling device of its kind for 2018, pulling in extremely high ratings and endless positive reviews. It is a fully adjustable mouthpiece that limits your snoring and teeth grinding while you sleep by raising your lower jaw to a slightly forward position and holding it there while in use. It is classified as a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) that uses the traditional bite and boil sizing process. It is FDA cleared, and the SnoreRx company has been selling this product since 2009.

The genuine SnoreRX is only available on the SnoreRX website.

Amazon – Buyer Beware

The only place to buy the SnoreRx anti-snoring mouthpiece device is directly from SnoreRx.

Beware! This single seller means that you may not find be buying an authentic SnoreRX on the popular online retailer Amazon.

By limiting where their product sells the SnoreRx has control over the quality guaranteed with every device purchased.

If you buy it from Amazon, you risk buying an inferior knock-off.

You do not want to pay too much for a faulty, unsafe device that may do more harm than good. SnoreRx only sells SnoreRx products.

Save yourself the potential for disappointment and buy online at the SnoreRX website.

Things to Consider

The SnoreRx anti-snoring mouthpiece device has had no clinical trials yet. While many see this as a red flag it’s also important to keep in mind that the product has been successfully selling since 2009, has over a 90% satisfaction rating, and is FDA certified.

While the SnoreRx has helped thousands of people with their snoring problems the mouthpiece is not suited for every snorer out there. While the SnoreRx does not create pressure on your jaw or your teeth it is quite a snug fit. If you have loose teeth or are a denture wearer, the SnoreRx is not recommended for your use due to the tension and compression on your teeth. If SnoreRx does not work for you, you may try ZQuiet or Zyppah.

The Snore Rx is priced at $129 for one mouthpiece and $154 as a special price for two that breaks down to $77 a piece.

SnoreRx Exclusive Features

The SnoreRx is manufactured in the USA. The anti-snoring mouthpiece device uses medical grade materials, a BPA and latex-free copolymer, which are safe to use and soft on your teeth and gums. The mouthpiece is adjustable up to 10mm by using 1mm increments during the bite and boil sizing process. It fully conforms to the shape and size of your mouth to achieve the ultimate comfortable fit. Unlike other anti-snoring mouthpiece devices, the SnoreRx has a small hole at the front of the device that allows you to breathe through your mouth no matter what. This feature is especially beneficial for nights when your nasal passage may be blocked.

The SnoreRx is unlike other anti-snoring mouthpiece device and appliances because it does not use any screws, springs, rods, rubber bands or create torsion. The built-in calibrator display settings can be used as an accessible, easily accessible reference point.

Double Check Your Sources

SnoreRx has no known brand affiliates, third party suppliers, or in-store retailers. It is best not to trust any company or seller making claims otherwise. The only way to guarantee you are buying a truly authentic SnoreRx product is doing directly through the SnoreRx company.

If you are ever in doubt or questioning the credibility of a SnoreRx product, you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing, contact SnoreRx.

Easy to access, ready to help customer service is a phone call or click away.

The SnoreRx Guarantee

SnoreRx is so confident in their anti-snoring mouthpiece device that they offer a 30-day guarantee. At any point, if you are unhappy with your SnoreRx within 30 days of purchasing you can send it back for a full refund.

The 30-day period begins when you receive the SnoreRx product after it is delivered so the time it takes to ship to you is not factored in.

Buying a snoring product from Amazon will not offer you the same guarantee.


The SnoreRx is the ultimate and easiest solution for snoring prevention. For a better night’s sleep without the sacrifice of comfort, the SnoreRx does the job.

Don’t suffer any longer.

Remember, only buy your SnoreRx online from the SnoreRX website,, if you want to get a good night’s sleep.


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