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Complaints and Reviews of zQuiet

ZQuiet is one of the latest mouthpieces on the market guaranteed to stop snoring and bring the user a refreshing night’s sleep.

ZQuiet believes the relaxation of the jaw and tongue during sleep obstructs the airway and results in a loud vibration known as snoring. The flexible plastic mouthpiece works to extend the user’s jaw anywhere from two to six millimeters during sleep, freeing up the airway.

A notable feature of the mouthpiece is the “living hinge technology,” designed with soft hinges to result in an ideal adaptable fit for users. Curious customers can visit ZQuiet’s website to try their product for 30 days, and only pay $9.95 for shipping and handling. If you still aren’t convinced, keep reading for a more thorough review.

How It’s Made

While the mouthpiece appears quite basic in design, it was created in conjunction with several medical and dental professionals to be both lightweight and universally adaptable. The piece is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), a common FDA approved plastic used for medical devices, which gives it a sturdy shape, but malleable feel. Additionally, using TPE over latex prevents any possibility of irritation or adverse reaction.

The Pros

As a result of a unique composition, ZQuiet users are not required to boil and mold the device as is common with many anti-snoring devices.

This prevents the typical rigidity associated with “boil and bite” mouthpieces and some users even describe the mouthpiece as springy, attributing it’s comfortable fit to this aspect of the design. The additional inclusion of the living hinge explained above, results in a device that creates open airways and natural jaw movement. This means ZQuiet wearers have the ability to breathe, talk, and even drink a beverage while wearing the mouthpiece.

For added adaptability, ZQuiet includes two sizes with your order, depending on the level of snoring and jaw adjustment required. If minor changes to the mouthpiece are required to create the best possible fit, all ZQuiet orders will include instructions on how to properly trim the mouthpiece.

Many of the positive aspects noted by users are found in the product’s clean and simple design. Some highlight how a mouthpiece that moves with the user can be essential in certain instances. Typically, jaw retaining mouthpieces will fall out of or into your mouth if used while trying to talk, yawn, or drink a beverage. ZQuiet is said to “move with you” which can make a big difference for those who may not be used to wearing any kind of mouthpiece.

The aspect users highlight most when it comes to ZQuiet is value for the money. If you are looking to alleviate your snoring but working on a budget, the 30-day trial for under $10 is an unbeatable deal. SnoreLab is an app featured on Google Play and the App Store, which will allow you to track your night’s sleep and whether or not ZQuiet is actually working for you.

By the end of your trial period, you will be able to determine if the added benefit your ZQuiet mouthpiece brings is worth the $79.95 price cost. Though, keep in mind that compared to other devices on the market, ZQuiet is a very reasonably priced product.

The Cons

Some users, especially those who are the heaviest snorers, negate most of the suggested benefits and claims ZQuiet makes about its product. One woman claimed that the ZQuiet device did nothing for her partner, and potentially made the snoring worse. When the user attempted to talk or do anything other than sleep, the device felt very cumbersome.

Additionally, while the one size fits all motto is a pro for many, it is a con for those who cannot seem to make it fit comfortably. The ZQuiet device is said to last anywhere from a couple of months to a year, and in that time, there could very possibly be a need to change or adjust the device. Some users even site this as a safety concern, because over time an improper fit could change the bite of a user or even cause mouth and jaw pain.

According to a lot of reviews and responses on ZQuiet’s Better Business Bureau profile, the greater challenge with this company comes when customers try to return it. Of the 20 complaints posted, almost all concerned the challenge users faced when trying to return and receive a refund for the product. As recent as October 2017, users were still finding issues with the return process and noted there were no explicit directions on the company’s website that aided this process.

When Considering ZQuiet

Like many products intended to aid health and lifestyle, ZQuiet may not work for all but provides a unique opportunity to try the product for very little cost to the user.

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