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SnoreRX as a Treatment for Sleep Apnea

If you are looking for a treatment for sleep apnea that has been cleared by the FDA, you are not going to find many options.

Although it has not been approved for the treatment of sleep apnea, the SnoreRx is an item you should consider to reduce snoring. It is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) — fancy word for “anti-snoring device” — and has some good science behind it.

How Does the Snore RX work?

Like all MADs the Snore RX works by holding your lower jaw in a more forward position than it would naturally fall into. This helps to keep the back of your throat, and thus, your airway clear.

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, then the cause of your problem is that upon relaxing, the soft tissue in the throat can cause the airway to narrow. By changing the position of the jaw as you sleep Snore RX like other MADs should help to reduce the effects of the symptoms but is not a solution to cure sleep apnea.

If you have never seen a MAD before then the best way to describe snore RX is as a mouthpiece that you sleep in. It is highly customizable, to allow for a more comfortable fit.

Like most MADs it is shaped with a boil and then bite process, so it is truly customized to your mouth. The thing that makes Snore RX stand out is that after you have completed the boil and bit process, you can then further adjust the lower part of the mouthpiece in 1mm increments. This means you can get the balance you need between comfort and effectiveness.

Another great feature of the Snore RX is that it still allows you to breathe through your mouth. If you suffer from colds of hay fever, you may be reassured to know that you don’t need to breathe exclusively through your nose while wearing this device.

Does it Work?

The majority of reviews are highly positive about the effectiveness of this MAD for treating snoring and sleep apnea.

The downsides that have been raised by reviews revolve around the side effects that some people have experienced. These include drooling and jaw soreness. These side effects are not uncommon with the use of MADs. For most people, these effects will fade over time as they become used to sleeping with the mouthpiece.

What Does the FDA Say About the Snore RX and Sleep Apnea?

The FDA has cleared Snore RX for the reduction of snoring. This is because it is sufficiently similar to other already approved devices and they are confident in approving it for use.

In the application to the FDA, the makers of Snore Rx only applied for clearance to sell it as a device for reducing snoring, so it was not assessed for its ability to treat sleep apnea.

MADs and Sleep Apnea

When it comes to treating sleep apnea continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the standard that all other treatments are measured against. It has long been acknowledged as the most effective treatment for sleep apnea.

Two recent studies from 2016 and 2017 both look into the relative efficacy of MADs as compared to CPAPs. Both concluded that CPAPs were still the best treatment, but MADS provided a very good alternative. Given that not everyone can tolerate CPAP, and many people are uncomfortable with it as a treatment option, these studies show that MADs should be considered as an option to help reduce the effects of sleep apnea.

Research into the use of MADs has been increasing as there has been a series of very positive results. A recent review of all the studies completed at the time of the study (2015) on the use of MADs to treat sleep apnea, came up with a list of recommendations. Key among which were the following.

  • Use of MADs should be standard practice for adult patients who suffer from sleep apnea but are intolerant of CPAP, or who would prefer alternative treatment.
  • When using a custom MAD device is preferable over a non-custom device.


The Snore RX has not been cleared by the FDA for use to treat sleep apnea. This does not indicate that it was found lacking, only that it was not tested for this use case

Scientific studies show that MADs can be effective in treating sleep apnea for a large number of patents. These studies also suggest that customizable MADs are the best choice.

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