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SnoreRx Complaints and Concerns

A good night’s sleep is vital for us to function. With all the stress and strain of everyday life preoccupying us, it’s important to get an opportunity to completely unplug for a while. The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and with a hectic schedule, this can be hard to achieve. However, it’s even worse when the reason you can’t sleep is due to snoring.

Millions of people suffer the effects of snoring worldwide. Whether you’re the snorer yourself or you simply live with one, trying to sleep through the noise can be impossible.

However, snoring can also negatively impact your health. Research has shown that snoring can put you at greater risk for cardiac problems than obesity, high cholesterol, and smoking.

The SnoreRx Mandibular Advancement Device

The SnoreRx is considered one of the top anti-snoring mouthpieces and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. This product holds the jaw in a forward position. When the bottom jaw is held forward the tongue is unable to relax and fall back. The appliance is fitted and customized using the boil-and-bite method. It also has a feature to adjust the positioning in increments to further customize the oral appliance and to make wearing it more comfortable. ZQuiet and Zyppah work in a similar manner but lack the ability to adjust in increments.

The device is made from medical grade copolymer which increases its lifespan to as much as 15 months in comparison to six months for most MADs. The copolymer also cushions your teeth while you are sleeping.

The product is certified by the Academy of Sleep Medicine, has FDA clearance, and meets the new Medicare standards.

Complaint:  Discomfort

Some customers have reported the device being uncomfortable to use. Having a solid, foreign object in your mouth, altering the way your jaw sits while you sleep does is uncomfortable initially. However, it’s no more uncomfortable than wearing a dental retainer and more comfortable according to user reviews, and our own tests, than other MADs. After only a few days, the soreness goes away as your jaw adapts to the SnoreRX.

Positive Reviews!

Most customers are completely satisfied with SnoreRx. Most have claimed they’ve seen a noticeable and instant improvement in their snoring. An overwhelming number of users, 97.5% are very happy with the device, and only .05% did not like it.

Most of the reviews are five or four stars. Additionally, SnoreRx has been complimented for its excellent customer service for dealing with queries and complaints in a timely manner.

While many customers have left brief synopses of their positive experiences with this mouthpiece, more in-depth reviews are available. With longer reviews, you obtain a better understanding of the finer points of the product and read well-informed opinions before you buy it for yourself. These reviews walk you through the pros and cons of the product.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Buying the SnoreRX means you don’t have to worry even if you do find it does not appeal to you or work to reduce your snoring. SnoreRx offers a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. If you try the mouthpiece and you aren’t satisfied, you can receive a full refund.

Final Thoughts

Given the high marks and the tremendous number of positive reviews, the SnoreRx is a great choice to help you and your snoring problem. It is a high-quality adjustable MAD which can be ordered online for a reasonable price. The manufacturer even offers a 15% discount on the product. It is well designed, and the calibrator allows you to read your adjustments and customize the appliance to fit your mouth.


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