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Zyppah For Snoring – A List of Complaints

Snoring is a chronic problem in America with tens of millions of Americans complaining about the condition. There are multiple over-the-counter solutions to the problem ranging from nose strips to throat sprays to special pillows (snoring aids) and anti snoring mouthpieces, also called manibular advancement devices.

We’re going to discuss one of the MADs called Zyppah and look at some of the common complaints about the device.

How does the Zyppah work?

The Zyppah was designed and developed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg and is built from two varieties of thermoplastic. The materials are BPA and latex free, and the device is fully FDA certified.

The Zyppah is different from other MADs as it is a hybrid device and tries to address both the jaw position and the movement of the tongue with a tongue stabilizer. The device is customized for the mouth through a standard “boil and bite” process common to commercially available MADs.

Some Common Complaints about the Zyppah

It’s uncomfortable to wear

The biggest complaint about the Zyppah is that it initially causes discomfort which is very common in all MADs. Once your jaw gets used to the new positioning, usually within a few days, the discomfort goes away.

It doesn’t fit

The Zyppah is customized to the mouth through a straightforward process where you place it in hot water to soften the material and then bite the mold to create a customized fit. While the initial impression might not be perfect in some cases, the Zyppah allows you to boil it a second time so you can try again. An at-home customized device is likely not going to fit as well as one fitted by your dentist. However, because your teeth move, if you do not wear the device for a few nights, it may not fit as well and cause discomfort. This is the case for both a boil-and-bite and dentist fitted appliance.

It doesn’t last

The Zyppah like other oral appliances has a limited life especially if it is being used nightly. This is common to all MADs, but the construction of the Zyppah means it will last longer than most at about 12 months.

It gets really yucky!

The Zyppah needs to be cleaned daily because it can collect germs. Keeping it clean is not difficult or time-consuming. Zyppah Inc. sells an excellent cleaner known as SNAP, which has been clinically proven to completely destroy 99.9% of the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are commonly found on oral appliances.

It doesn’t work, or it didn’t fix my Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is not snoring, and the Zyppah is not sold for this purpose. The success rate for the Zyppah is amongst the highest in the industry. But what may work for some, will not always work for all. The investment is nominal for the chance of changing your life! The product also offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

It makes me drool

All oral appliances cause additional salvia in the mouth initially. This is a short-term inconvenience. Once your jaw adjusts to the MAD, your drooling will subside.

The tongue strap is awkward

The strap may take a couple of weeks to get used to wearing because it is stabilizing the tongue which is not a normal sensation. SnoreRx and ZQuiet do not offer the tongue strap.

Not everyone can use it

People who wear dentures, have crowns, or loose teeth will not be able to wear a Zyppah. The device won’t fit snug enough in your mouth to be effective against snoring.

Final Thoughts

The overall consensus is this hybrid MAD, and TRD appliance is worth the investment because it does reduce snoring for the majority of users. The Made in America BPA- and latex free FDA approved materials ensure comfort and durability. Your oral health will not be compromised if you clean your product regularly using SNAP. The company currently has the Zyppah on sale at $99.95. The manufacturer regularly offers discounts on the price or may provide free shipping and handling. Surprisingly, it is a very comfortable device. Even the rubber band used for stabilizing the tongue, while it takes some getting used to, feels comfortable after a few days.

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