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The Trusted Way to Buy The Zyppah Online

Snoring is one of life’s greatest annoyances, to both the one who snores and to those unlucky enough to hear it. For years, manufacturers have tried to convince people to purchase this or that product, only to have them be disappointed once again with the lack of results. Now that there is a proven device available, only the real thing will do. The only way to buy Zyppah is direct from trusted

What is Zyppah?

The brain behind this revolutionary device is Dr. Johnathan Greenburg. With over thirty years in the dentistry field and studies in bioengineering, he had the perfect background to create the snoring mouthpiece.

Ten long years of research into both sleep apnea and snoring led to Dr. Greenburg’s desire to invent a product that would be not only comfortable but highly effective as well.

Keeping a person’s airway obstruction-free during sleep eliminates or reduces snoring in the majority of people. With this in mind, Zyppah was born. Fully approved by the FDA, its hybrid design prevents the soft tissue from relaxing into the back of the throat during sleep by holding the jaw forward and the tongue stationary.

Features of Zyppah

Made in the USA, sporty looking Zyppah gets high marks for its comfort, including the piece that goes across the tongue. The material is BPA-free, and the boil-and-bite process of fitting ensures precision not found in other brands. People who may be worried about a feeling of choking or claustrophobia while sleeping are pleasantly surprised to discover that the airflow hole allows for easy mouth breathing.

Where to buy Zyppah

There are other products on the market said to prevent or even cure snoring. The real Zyppah – the trusted Zyppah – is ONLY available online directly from Other sites may advertise that it is for sale from them, but these are simply cheap imitations of the original. Amazon is most people’s go to web store when shopping, but any versions shown on their site are counterfeit and not created with the same attention to detail.

Sub-standard material construction can actually make these knock-off products dangerous to the user! Certain varieties offered for sale may even make the snoring problem worse – increasing the health risks to the user. The downsides are not worth saving a few dollars.

For those who have tried Zyppah, the customer reviews say it all. Consistently receiving excellent reports from users, comments include peaceful rest, no more daily fatigue, and most importantly, no more snoring!

A Final Word

Ready to finally stop snoring? With a 90-day money back guarantee and thousands of satisfied customers, the time is now! After all, Zyppah is HappyZ spelled backward!

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Chief editor here at Snore Nation and a proud father of two cool boys. I am a reformed snorer, a reformed smoker, a reformed overeater, a reformed city dweller and a reformed workaholic stress monster on the mission to share my insider tips to restore that quality sleep for you and your partner!

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