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Good Morning Snore Solution Review

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What is the Good Morning Snore Solution?

Good Morning Snore Solution Stop Snoring MouthpieceThe Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is a Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD) made to keep your tongue in a forward position while you sleep, in order to stop it from falling to the back of your throat, clogging the airway, and making you snore. To retain your tongue in a forward position it will keep it in the small bubble in between your lips with a small suction effect while holding itself in place with a piece of plastic between your lips and teeth.

This implies a few things:

  • It can be worn by people with dentures since it does not sit on your teeth
  • You need to breathe through your nose while using it, meaning you will not be able to wear it when you have a stuffy nose (allergy/flu season?)
  • Like MADs, it will reduce teeth grinding
  • Because the GMSS only targets your tongue and does not sit deep in your mouth and on your teeth, it will not feel as intrusive as a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

The Good Morning Snore Solution competes with Zyppah and SnoreRx but is not a mandibular advancement device.

The company says it is clinically proven to reduce snoring, which is not hard to believe given its positive reviews online.

It is also one size fits all, which means there will be less of a chance of it not fitting you (paradoxically, if there are different fits to choose from, it means there is a possibility you will not choose the right one…).

GMSS Design And Material Used

The GMSS is made of silicon material, latex and BPA free.

It is important for a mouthpiece to be latex free because a significant portion of the population is latex sensitive, meaning many people can have allergic reactions when they come into contact with latex.

For a product to be BPA free is equally important because, among many institutions, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that products using BPA may cause several side effects like negative impacts to the brain, heart problems, and some studies suggest it can cause changes in hormone levels leading to certain cancers. Though not all clinical trials point in this direction, better stay on the safe side.

On the other hand, silicon is thought to be relatively safe, really resistant, whether to changes in temperature or to regular wear-and-tear, odor and stain resistant, and hypoallergenic. This makes it a good candidate for making a mouthpiece.

How to use it and how it works

TSDs are meant to keep your tongue from falling to the back of your throat; blocking the airway and making you snore.

Before each use, brush your teeth. You will need to breathe through your nose while using the device.

To put it in place,

  • Gently squeeze the closed end between your fingers
  • Insert the open end in your mouth, letting a small part of it stick out
  • Insert your tongue in the opening until it reaches the end
  • Release your fingers

Now the device should be gently sucking on your tongue.

If your tongue is being squeezed too tight, the next morning you may feel it being sorer than it should be, and if the GMSS is not squeezing on your tongue at all or barely, it may fall out of your mouth while you are asleep. You should quickly get the hang of it (two or three days), and know exactly how much suction you should be feeling when wearing the device.

Cleaning And Longevity Of The Mouthpiece

You should clean your Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece after each use.

To clean it, simply use a certified denture cleaning solution and cold water, or water and toothpaste in a container large enough to completely submerge the device. Let the device soak in the solution for 10 minutes, then gently swirl the container around before taking it out, and let it air dry (if you used toothpaste, rinse it in cold water before letting it dry).

A sample of a cleaning solution comes with each mouthpiece, though it contains persulfates, which may cause allergic reactions that can include: “irritation, tissue damage, gum tenderness, rash, urticarial, respiratory conditions, and hypotension”. If you are allergic to persulfates or experience any of these reactions, you should consider other types of cleaning solutions.

The Good Morning Snore Solution is expected to last about 12 months, though its lifespan will vary amongst users. The lifespan will depend on, amongst other things, whether you usually grind your teeth during sleep, and whether the device is properly cared for.

The official website recommends you to replace it if you notice a decrease in efficiency, or if you notice signs of wear-and-tear.

Side effects

The GMSS causes relatively few side effects when compared to MADs (jaw retaining devices), and for most users both side effects will decrease in intensity over time, either completely vanishing or remaining at a low but constant level after a few days of use.

The two main side effects of this product are:

  • Sore tongue: to keep your tongue in a forward position, the device will be gently sucking on your tongue, which causes some users to have a sore tongue the next day. The soreness should be gone relatively quickly within the day, and it should be at its worst in the first day or so.
  • Drooling: some users also reported increased drooling because the device protrudes from your mouth, not allowing you to fully close it. But this is less of a frequent side effect than having a tender tongue the first few days.

Some users also reported it slipping off at night. If this is the case, you’ll want to slightly increase the suction on your tongue by squeezing the device a bit more when putting it on.

Clinical data

In the clinical study mentioned in the official Good Morning Snore Solution website, a Tongue Retaining Device (TSD) was compared to an unnamed device to see how effective the TSD was at reducing snoring and respiratory disturbance index (RDI).

The TSD in the study led to a 38% decrease in snoring relative to the other device that was not a TSD (so not relative to wearing nothing). 54% of the participants said they would continue using the TSD.

It also says the TSD reduced the RDI by 4.9 per hour. Though this does not mean much because clinical studies are divided with respect to the importance of RDI for explaining sleep problems and snoring, and since what constitutes a disturbance may vary across studies.

Even though the GMSS website is adamant in saying their specific product has been clinically proven, there is no direct mention of the device used in the trial specifically being the GMSS (it is referred to as a TSD), though this may simply be a minor mishap.

Will GoodMorning Snore Solution work for you?

Do not dismiss this product because of it being significantly different from MADs (which are the most commonly used anti-snoring mouthpieces). The GMSS has a really good track record amongst clients, given its positive reviews and customer feedback, and TSDs have been proven to be an effective remedy to snoring.

For the GMSS to work for you, you must be snoring because of vibrating tissues and clogging at the back of your throat.

This is especially the case in obese individuals, where the thick skin around the throat may lead to a partial blocking.

The GMSS doesn’t rest on your teeth, which make it one of the very few anti-snoring mouthpieces (see the mouthpiece comparison chart) that can be used by denture-wearers.

The GMSS also seems easier to get used to than most Mandibular Advancement Devices because of its relatively mild and few side effects (drooling and tongue soreness) compared to MADs’, and because it is less intrusive than a MAD since it occupies the front of your mouth, only targeting your tongue.

How much does it cost and where to buy?

You can buy the GMSS directly on their official website:

It costs $89.94 for 1 mouthpiece and $129.94 for 2. Each piece should last you around a year, meaning you could try and find someone else who also wants a GMSS in order to be able to buy 2 (cutting the price from 90$ to 65$).

90 Day Money Back Guarantee$10 for shipping to US or UK

It also offers 90-day Money-Back Guarantee (be advised: they may not pay back shipping costs).

Company behind the product

The company behind the GMSS is called MPowrx, and is based in Calgary in Alberta (Canada). The inventor of the product itself is a dentist, and sleep researcher at the University of Calgary, Dr. Leslie Dort.

The BBB Business Review accredited MPowrx. This means MPowrx has made “a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints”. The BBB gave the business an A+, the highest mark.

The product itself is also FDA cleared, and was approved by Health Canada, the Australian Government, and the European Union.

Overall the company and its only product, that was cleared for manufacturing and selling in 2008, have received really good feedback and user reviews online.

Summary about Good Morning Snore Solution Review

The GMSS is a Tongue Retaining Device, made of silicon material, latex and BPA free. It does not require any adjusting and is made to be one-size fits all. It should last about a year, though this will vary depending on the user, and on whether it is properly cared for (it is important to wash it pretty much after every use).

The potential side effects of using the GMSS are a sore tongue and excessive drooling, the latter not being as common. Both side effects should be significantly reduced within a few days of starting to use the product, and some users will barely even feel these side effects from the start.

There has been a clinical trial on the effectiveness of a tongue retaining device (TSD) compared to another anti-snoring mouthpiece, which concluded that TSDs are a valid remedy to snoring (averaging a 40% reduction in snoring relative to the other mouthpiece), though the specific TSD used isn’t specified in the abstract of the clinical trial.

This mouthpiece seems to be easier to get accustomed to than most MADs because it is relatively less intrusive since it only targets your tongue, rather than holding your whole jaw in place. Also, people with dentures can wear it.

And finally, you can order it online from their website.


  • Really good reviews online, amongst the best for mouthpieces
  • The company is BBB accredited (and was given a really good mark), meaning the company will respond well to complaints
  • The company has also been selling the product for a number of years
  • FDA cleared, an approved by the Canadian and Australian governments, and by the European Union
  • One size fits all, and no adjustments required
  • Clinicaly proven
  • Long life expectancy (around 1 year)
  • Doesn’t require a prescription
  • Bpa and latex free
  • Simple cleaning: letting it soak in regular denture solution (or even toothpaste and water), and then letting it air dry
  • International shiping
  • Comes with 90-day Money-Back Guarantee


  • You need to breathe through your nose
  • Can cause sore tongue and/or excessive drooling, and can slip off at night (for some users)
  • It will not work if the cause of snoring is not the tongue clogging the back of the throat
  • At 100$ or 75$ if you buy two, it is relatively expensive

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