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Good Morning Snore Solution on Amazon

Why is the Good Morning Snore Solution not on Amazon?

Sleep disorders and disruption due to snoring affect millions of Americans. There are countless products on the market claiming to help with these issues. One popular device that has been known to help with snoring is the Good Morning Snore Solution, which is a tongue retaining device (TRD).

Because the FDA does not yet approve TRDs, they are against Amazon’s selling policy, therefore are not available on Amazon. However, they do have FDA clearance to be marketed, and there are many reasons why the Good Morning Snore Solution can be a suitable product for someone experiencing snoring issues.

What is the Good Morning Snore Solution?

The Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue retaining device, which essentially is an appliance you place in your mouth while you sleep, which pulls your tongue to the front on your mouth and holds it down, creating more space between your tongue and back of your throat.

The device forces the user to breathe through their nose but keeps the airway open. It’s appropriate for those who snore due to vibration and clogging at the back of the throat.

The appliance is known to have few side effects and is affordable, making it accessible to many.

Additionally, it’s seen to be less intrusive than using a Mandibular Advancement Device, which is another known snore solution that acts as a denture and moves the jaw forward. A TRD is known to be the less intrusive of the two due to the way it sits in your mouth – it doesn’t sit too deep or on your teeth.

Denture wearers benefit from using the TRD because it doesn’t sit on the user’s teeth.

So Why Don’t TRDs Have FDA Approval?

The reason TRDs do not have U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval is that it’s a lengthy and thorough process to receive FDA approval and for a good reason. The government administration’s job is essentially to protect the health of its citizens. Therefore FDA approval is taken very seriously.

The FDA uses a classification system for approval of medical devices, according to the product’s risk to the user’s health.

High-risk devices include things like implantable infusion pumps or mechanical heart valves – these require FDA approval before they can be sold on the market.

Moderate-risk devices, known as Class 2, such as catheters, kidney dialysis equipment, or TRDs, can be sold pre-approval, with certain conditions. Therefore TRDs can be marketed and sold.

Also, TRDs are approved by governments all over the world as a snoring solution. Other governments such as Canada, Australia, and the European Union are just a few that approve the device to be sold as a snoring solution on the medical device market.

TRDs Have FDA Clearance to Sell

As mentioned, because the FDA views the device as a non-high-risk device, it allows the device to be sold on the market before approving it. Sometimes this can be an initial stage before an item is moved to official approval. It’s known as having “clearance to market.”

While the FDA has not yet approved TRDs, there are studies and many customer reviews that have proven their worthiness as a snoring solution.

What the Studies and Consumers Say

Several studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of tongue retaining devices. One cited on the Good Morning Snore Solution website indicated those who used the device found a 38% decrease in snoring. More than half (54%) of participants in the study indicated they would continue to use a TRD.

Further, there are many positive reviews online about the Good Morning Snore Solution. Just a few include:

It has been amazing! No complaints from my boyfriend-he hasn’t heard a thing. It does slip off occasionally when I sleep on my back, but I’m usually sleeping on my side. It makes my tongue numb in the am, but that goes away. I would highly recommend this!” –Bridget B.

The device has definitely decreased my snoring. I still find even with the device I snore some if on my back. I snore very little if on my side. I find despite my best effort the mouthpiece will come off a few times per night. I am feeling better during the day, not nearly as fatigued, so something is working.” –Mark D.

Further, our Editor’s Review of the product received a rating of excellent when we looked at components such as effectiveness, comfort, cleaning, value, durability, and company reputation.

How Can I Purchase the Good Morning Snore Solution?

The best way to buy the Good Morning Snore Solution is from the official website.

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