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So Long CPAP: How the slumberBUMP Helps End Snoring

So few people admit to snoring, as though it’s something to be ashamed of. The truth is, however, if you snore, you’re in good company. Snoring is a global issue, and anyone in any nation – from children to the elderly – can struggle with snoring.

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The Problem with Snoring

Snoring can be a simple nuisance or a symptom of a much more pressing health issue. It can interfere with sleep and frustrate spouses. A common treatment for sleep disturbances like sleep apnea is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. It’s prescribed to thousands of patients every year. However, a whopping 70% of people who use CPAP therapy report that it doesn’t work for any number of reasons. If you or someone you love uses continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy to diminish snoring, you may want to expand your solutions to include the slumberBUMP.

What is the slumberBUMP?
In 2003, a diligent physician developed an innovative tool to help people sleep on their side instead of their back. Why? He understood that sleeping on our side helps open our airways and reduce sleep problems. According to a recent press release, sleep expert Dr. Shad Morris has been witnessing all kinds of health professionals insist on alternative methods to help their patients cope with snoring. Let’s explore this new device that’s allowing so many people to sleep soundly without a CPAP.

The slumberBUMP is a sleep-enhancing belt you can comfortably place over whatever you wear to sleep. It’s made of breathable mesh, so you can even wear it on the hottest of summer nights. Boasting an attractive, effective wedge-shaped design, it can be easily packed into a suitcase or large purse. One-size-fits-all, the slumberBUMP features Velcro and adjustable side elastic so that it fits you through all your physical changes, from pregnancy or weight gain to weight loss. An additional perk to this handy device? Its anti-microbial fabric prevents odors and microbes from building up.

How the slumberBUMP Works
You might be wondering how a simple belt strapped around your waist at night can prevent snoring. Although it feels as comfortable as a run-of-the-mill belt, it’s vastly different. It works wonders in one simple step. By thwarting you from rolling onto your back, the slumberBUMP acts as a wedge.

Additional Devices
As with most life problems, it may be helpful to address snoring in more than just one way. Even if you use a CPAP machine and you opt to use the slumberBUMP, additional devices can enhance anti-snoring results. Snoring less and, better yet, stopping snoring from occurring in the first place, is the goal, right? Use any of these in conjunction with one another or with the slumberBUMP:

1. Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces
Mouthpieces help mild to moderate snoring. Mouthpieces often function by maintaining your jaw in a forward position, thus opening your airways. When used in conjunction with the slumberBUMP, however, snoring can be drastically reduced.

2. Tongue-Retaining Devices
Some fall victim to snoring because their tongue falls into the back of their throat, causing a restriction that results in snoring. These tools restrain the tongue and pull it forward to prevent tongue blockage. For those who snore because their tongue has a mind of its own, combining a tongue-retaining device with the slumberBUMP can do wonders to lessen snoring.

Final Words
When you put a dependable device to work, preferably one created by a snoring expert like slumberBUMP’s creator, you might see a massive reduction in your snoring. Less snoring means better sleep. And better sleep equals a better life. When you sleep soundly, you’re more focused, healthier, and happier. What could be more important than that? 

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