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Snoring and Obesity

How Snoring and Obesity are Closely Related?

Every single organ of your body is related to the other organs in one way or the other. Being overweight or obese can take a major toll on your overall health. Unwanted fat accumulation in the throat and neck region can put a significant amount of stress on the air passage, causing your snoring habit to get even worse. If you carry out little research into the causes of snoring, will come to understand why obesity is referred to as one of the major culprits.

The exact reason behind a person’s constant snoring habit may not always be clear-cut. Suffering from a stuffy nose due to a health problem or sinus congestion can also make you snore. In such unique cases, snoring should not be considered a major cause of concern.

If you snore regularly, in spite of being quite healthy, in all likelihood your snoring could be a result of some sort of obstruction inside your air passage. Our muscle tissues go into relaxation mode when we are asleep, but the muscles located inside our respiratory tract are usually strong enough to allow fresh air to flow through without causing any obstruction.

In certain scenarios, these muscles may lose their strength and come in contact with each other, thus causing hindrance to the unobstructed oxygen flow. When air passes through the flattened and narrow gaps inside the throat, the obvious result is in the form of snoring. Most snoring devices such as SnoreRx and ZQuiet protrude the lower jaw forward to help increase the airway in the throat.

Studying the root causes of snoring, you’ll better understand why putting on weight can make this condition worse. The excess fat in the neck region can obstruct the respiratory tract even more, making it tougher for you to breathe. Snoring can be completely eradicated if you take good care of your health and indulge in regular exercises to keep the excess body weight at bay. Obstructive sleep apnoea, which is commonly associated with snoring can also result in heart attack or stroke, apart from many other severe health problems.

If you’re wondering how you can put an end to this habit, there are all sorts of exercise routines you can follow. Any exercise which helps you strengthen your neck and upper shoulder region, making them firm, can help reduce the snoring. However, don’t focus completely on the workout routines that target only the fat surrounding the neck region. Generally, when we lose weight, we lose it all over the body and losing some extra pounds from the midsection can go a long way in getting rid of the snoring issue.

Workout routines which are targeted at snoring, are not just limited to the activities that involve physical determination. You can also practice different types of throat or vocal exercises to help you overcome the problem.

A musical instrument going by the name didgeridoo (an aboriginal Australian wind instrument, in the shape of a long wooden pipe which makes deep sounds) can be used to follow certain workout routines that target precisely the muscle groups capable of eradicating snoring. You don’t need to practice these vocal warm-up exercises to become a famous singer, but must focus on them to keep your throat muscles in top shape, and resultantly snoring at bay.

Following a daily exercise routine is imperative and must be pursued irrespective of whether you have a snoring habit at night or not. It goes without saying that when you start following any such training regimen, you’ll benefit not only physically, but psychologically too. Snoring has never done anyone good, be it the person who snores or the people around him/her, and hence you must put all possible efforts to get rid of this problem for good.

You get only one life and must make the most of it by taking all possible steps to live each day to the fullest. Living a healthy life doesn’t necessarily have to be a disheartening or an inconvenient chore. Keep the communication lines open with the people closest to you as they’re the ones who’ll keep you on the right track if you lose focus mid-way. All in all, obesity and snoring are closely interrelated and you must do all you can to make them a thing of the past.

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