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CES 2018: Nokia Sleep Helps You Combat Snoring

Every year there are impressive new pieces of technology on display at CES.

The convention has a reputation for being the big showcase for companies to unveil their inventions to the world. This year has been no exception, and Nokia has a new device that is promising to help people with snoring issues.

Showcased at the CES 2018 the Nokia Sleep tracking pad is the latest technology to help reduce snoring.

nokia sleep on a bedframeWhat the Nokia Sleep Can Do

This new device has some fascinating capabilities that will provide you with much more knowledge about how you’re sleeping. By putting a very high-tech sensor inside of a mattress pad, the Nokia Sleep can collect data about what you’re doing during the night. While sleeping on the mattress pad, this sensor records data on how you’re sleeping, what your patterns are like, and more. Using this data can help you have a significantly better sleeping experience by figuring out where your specific sleep problems lie.

The sensor is placed around chest level for maximum accuracy. This allows it to detect when you wake up as well as other vital data such as your vital signs. Nokia Sleep will create a sleep score for you based on the data it is recording. Your sleep score will suggest several different ways of changing your sleeping habits.

The Nokia Sleep device is sensitive to movements when positioned on the side of the bed. This allows the sensor to focus on the upper body and provide more accurate data.

Unique Features

The mattress pad is Wi-Fi enabled which allows the sensor to communicate with your other devices easily. Nokia does have a health app, the Nokia Health Mate, that can provide you with even more information such a blood pressure to monitor hypertension and your heart rate. Did you know a high resting heart rate places you at risk for cardiovascular disease?

When Nokia Sleep is synced with the Health Mate app, it provides an easy way for you to digest the information your sensor is taking in. Helping consumers to interpret the data and figure out what steps they need to take will be one of the most essential features of the Nokia Sleep device.

A more entertaining feature of the Nokia Sleep is its ability to link up with a smart home app. The smart home app, known as IFTTT, automates many processes in your home. It can open your blinds, automatically adjust the temperatures under certain circumstances, and much more.

When combined with the Nokia Sleep, you can set your IFTTT, so your blinds open as soon as you wake up in the morning. Not having to get up to adjust the temperature while you’re sleeping is a significant benefit, so these features are sure to please the tech-savvy among us.

For some, the implications of the smart house app integration will be intriguing. Still, the Nokia Sleep is primarily a new tool designed to give people further information to use in the fight for a good night’s rest. With the hectic pace of modern society, a restful night of sleep is essential to success and health.

lady sleeping on stomachImplications of Technology

The technology being showcased in the Nokia Sleep is very promising. Being able to provide consumers with sensors that can monitor sleep patterns could be an invaluable tool when fighting sleep disorders. Pairing such a device with the use of a CPAP machine or other treatments such as anti-snoring devices, MADs (mouthpieces) or nasal strips could allow snorers to ensure their treatment plan is yielding the proper results. If the Nokia Sleep can produce accurate results, using it in combination with a top rated mouth guard like SnoreRx would be very interesting.

Having access to data compiled in the home under normal circumstances would be valuable for physicians trying to treat their patients. Usually, this information is obtained during a sleep study, but problems may not present themselves every night. A consistent flow of data being available on patient sleep patterns could help doctors better inform their decisions.

It is unknown yet how this technology could impact snoring and the medical conditions that cause it. The Nokia Sleep is certainly an interesting device that will have many people excited to try it out. The Nokia Sleep is slated to be on store shelves during the first quarter of 2018 at a retail price of $99.99.

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