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5 Reasons You Snore Less in the Summer

Everyone knows a person who snores, whether it is your significant other, a friend, or a relative.

Snoring can make a peaceful night’s sleep difficult for many people, and poor sleep can lead to an inability to function well in daily life.  However, many people find they snore less in the summer than they do during other seasons.

The warm summer weather and clear blue skies make many people feel happier and more relaxed. Studies show the summer does boost your mood, but how does it impact your snoring?

If you’ve ever been curious as to why you might snore less during the summer, here are a few reasons:

1. You Get More Vitamin D

Many people spend more time outdoors during the summer than at other times of the year. Natural sunlight provides the body with vitamin D, which increases serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is your feel-good hormone, and it plays a part in getting a good night’s rest.

The amount of time you need to spend in the sun to get your vitamin-D fix is dependent on your skin type, the time of year and your geographical location.

By getting more sunlight, you consequently sleep better during the summer months which decreases snoring, and you wake up each day feeling happy. So, go ahead and take the dog for a walk or do a spot of gardening.

2. You Experience Fewer Allergies

If you have fewer allergies during the summer months, this can contribute to snoring less and sleeping better during this season. Seasonal allergies are most common in the spring and the fall and can cause you to experience symptoms that get in the way of restful sleep.

The allergy-induced mucus buildup that causes a runny nose can restrict your airways and make it hard to breathe properly as you sleep.

Fewer summer allergies mean a better night’s sleep. Just be sure to keep an eye on any heat index warnings, especially if you have asthma.

3. You Use Fewer Meds

Taking less medication can also contribute to snoring less during the summer. The better weather means a lower risk of becoming sick, so you might not have to take as much medication as you would during other months.

Some medicines can affect your quality of sleep, inducing unwanted snoring because they have a muscle-relaxant effect. As the muscles of the nose and throat relax, your airway can sometimes become constricted. This constriction causes you to take in less air, and the vibrations of the loose tissue along your airway cause you to snore.

Other medications might also have a stimulating effect. These medicines can keep you up at night resulting in poor sleep.

4. You Eat Healthier Food

The shift toward healthier eating in the summer can have a positive effect on your ability to sleep better.

Eating healthy food can give you more energy and make you feel happier throughout the day. Serotonin is what creates this happy feeling, and maintaining a healthy balance of this neurochemical can contribute to better sleep.

You may also shake off the winter pounds by eating healthy. Maintaining a lower body weight causes the tissues around your throat and windpipe to retain less fat, thus opening your airway and reducing how much you snore at night.

5. You Get More Exercise

The great summer weather makes the idea of leaving the house and getting some exercise more appealing. According to the National Sleep Foundation, only ten minutes of aerobic exercise a day can improve the quality of your sleep.

Some summer activities can also get you moving without necessarily feeling burdensome. Going for a swim to cool off, for example, will help you burn calories without feeling like a chore. Jumping on the trampoline with the kids, throwing a frisbee, playing beach volleyball or riding a bike are all great ways to have fun in the sun and get a better night’s sleep.

Practice Good Summer Habits

If your sleep partner has ever poked you in the ribs due to your irritating snoring, then it may be a good idea to consider how you can bring summer into your life regardless of the current season.

Sticking to the healthy habits you picked up during the summer may not be easy as the season’s change. However, eating healthy, getting a daily dose of vitamin D, and exercising regularly may pay off in the long run if you want to minimize your snoring.

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