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Start Juicing, Stop Snoring!

Juicing is among the greatest health trends of 2018, and with good reason. With a positive health impact in reducing everything from diabetes to cancer, juicing is good for our bodies in many ways.

From a very young age we are taught that eating sufficient fruits and vegetables is essential to human health and wellbeing. The number cited most frequently is that eating your “5 to 10 a day” of fruits and vegetables is sufficient to meet your nutritional needs of most vitamins and minerals.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables have other components that are invaluable to overall health, including antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, and much more.

Better yet, fruits and vegetables and their juices are known to be low in calories.

Causes of Snoring

Snoring is a phenomenon that is multifactorial in nature. The root cause of snoring is the inability of air to move smoothly in and out of the lungs via the upper respiratory tract, and there are many reasons why this may occur.

Obesity is one of the main causes of snoring. When there is a larger body habitus, one must do a great deal more work to get air in and out of the lungs, including while sleeping. Some people are born with a large tongue or a narrower respiratory tract, and thus have a genetic predisposition to the type of mild airway obstruction that causes snoring.

Other causes of snoring can include sleep position, anatomical problems with the nose or throat, and factors that make you tired such as excessive sleep deprivation, an irregular sleep schedule, or consumption of drugs or alcohol. Chronic conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea also contribute to snoring behavior.

Stop Snoring: Why and How?

People want to stop snoring for different reasons. Some may initially investigate stop snoring solutions because their partner is annoyed by the disruption in their sleep and may even refuse to share a bed for as long as the snoring persists.

These experiences are what causes people to seek anti-snoring treatment.

From stop snoring mouthpieces to jaw support slings to anti-snoring pillows and everything in between, there are dozens if not hundreds of different devices on the market that can help you stop snoring or keep your snoring to a manageable level.

Generally speaking, these devices are highly effective and are the main go-to for trying to stop snoring for good. It may take some time and experimentation with different devices to find one that is going to work the best for you. However, for most people, there is a device that will keep their snoring to a minimum if not eliminate it entirely for the time it is being used.

However, there are other useful behavioral adjuncts to these devices that can make it even easier to stop snoring for good. These include weight loss, maintaining regular sleep patterns and routines, sleeping in the same place every night, and yes, even juicing fruits and vegetables.

smoothies-and-fruitWhat is Juicing, and How Do I Get Started?

Juicing is, quite simply, making juice from naturally occurring fruits and vegetables. The resulting juice is a concentrated hit of raw vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that keep out bodies flourishing and vital.

Not only is juice healthy and amazing for your body but getting started juicing is simple and easy as well.

All you need to get started juicing is a stash of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a few tools. The tools you need are either a manual juicer, which is best used with juicy citrus fruits such as oranges, or a juicing machine that can manage a variety of fruits and vegetables in combination.

Why Juicing Works

For some people, it may be difficult to initially see the connection between making and drinking juice and reducing snoring or eliminating it altogether. However, juicing impacts snoring and aids in snoring cessation in a few different ways.

Firstly, and most importantly, fresh fruit and vegetable juice is a fantastic weight loss aid. If your snoring is caused by or worsened by those few extra pounds that you just can’t seem to get rid of, then drinking fresh juices is a great way to lose weight and stop snoring.

Drinking fruit and veggie juices is a fantastic way to improve your overall health. When you have all the nutrition, you could possibly need, you will be healthier than ever before, with the least likely chance to suffer from snoring.

Whether you have suffered from chronic snoring for decades or are just noticing your snoring and hoping to stop it for good, juicing is an effective way to improve your overall health and your sleep.

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Chief editor here at Snore Nation and a proud father of two cool boys. I am a reformed snorer, a reformed smoker, a reformed overeater, a reformed city dweller and a reformed workaholic stress monster on the mission to share my insider tips to restore that quality sleep for you and your partner!

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