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VitalSleep Mouthpiece Review

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  • VitalSleep Mouthpiece
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  • Last modified: September 9, 2021
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What is the VitalSleep Mouthpiece?

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD), a popular and cost-effective remedy to snoring. MADs hold your lower jaw pushed forward so that your throat stays clear, and air can freely pass through it. On the other hand, when your jaw falls back, which often happens when you lie on your back while sleeping, it will partially clog the back of the throat, making it harder for air to pass, increasing the likelihood of you snoring.

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece is molded to the shape of your jaw through a boil-and-bite process, and it can then be adjusted in small increments with a tool, and it allows for side-to-side movement. It has a large opening at the front, allowing you to breathe through your mouth while you sleep. This way you can wear it when you are having allergies, or during flu season, and you won’t need to get used to breathing through your nose.

Though it does allow for enough movement of the jaw for you to be comfortable, at the same time it will still hold your jaw in place, which will reduce teeth grinding.

The company also states that people with partial dentures can wear the device, but that they should consult their dentist beforehand, and have their dentist fit it for them because the process may be a bit more delicate than usual.

Though if you have loose teeth you should not use it, or at least consult with your dentist first, because the device comes into contact with your teeth (this will be the case for any MAD).

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece has been cleared by the FDA, which means that the FDA considers it similar enough to a product that has been fully approved by them.

As for the company behind the product, it was founded in 2010, and has gotten decent reviews over the years for this particular product.

The Design and the Materials Used

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece is both BPA and latex free and is made of a thermoplastic, though we are not told exactly what is in this thermoplastic (this is often the case). It is thermoplastic so that after leaving it in near-boiling water, you will be able to mold it to your jaw, making the mouthpiece much more comfortable to wear.

The Vitalsleep is an adjustable MAD. So it is meant to hold your jaw in a forward position in order to clear the airway at the back of your throat. The design of the Vitalsleep is not the most common amongst MADs, because it is both boil-and-bite to take the shape of your jaw and teeth, and it can be adjusted forward or backwards through small increments, up to 7mm, by using the two screws on each side of the mouthpiece.

It has a large opening at the front, allowing the user to breathe through their mouth. This hole will be bigger as you move your jaw forward with the two screws. Though the important thing is to have an opening, which will let your breathe through your mouth so that you can still use the device during flu or allergy season if you have a stuffy nose.

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece has been improved to have a slim fit design that is very comfortable for both men and women.

Finally, because you are to wear this device in your mouth, it is important for the device to be BPA and latex free. BPA has been linked to negative effects on the brain, heart, and can potentially be related to cancer. As for latex, a big portion of the population is either allergic to latex, or just sensitive to it, meaning it is better to stay away from it.

How To Use The VitalSleep Mouthpiece And How It Works

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece is an adjustable MAD. This means it will reduce snoring by holding your lower jaw pushed forward. Snoring is often caused by a partial clogging of the throat either by the lower jaw falling back or your tongue moving to the back of your mouth, which will happen when you are sleeping on your back for instance. The partial clogging combined with the fact that while asleep your muscles are more relaxed, including the ones in your throat and back of the tongue, will increase the chances that air make the tissues in that area vibrate (which makes the snoring sound). This means that holding your lower jaw in a forward position should keep the airway cleared, making it easier for air to circulate, and therefore less likely for the tissues to vibrate.

Before molding on wearing the Vitalsleep mouthpiece, make sure to brush your teeth and wash your mouth.

To mold the device yourself at home, make sure to read the instructions, which should go like this:

  • Make sure that the two trays are perfectly on top of each other. You can move a tray forward and backwards by using the two screws on each side of the mouth
  • Use the handle provided to you by fitting into the opening from the back
  • Boil a pot of water, and have another pot with cold water in it
  • Fully submerge the device in the hot water for 10 seconds
  • After you removed it and checked it was cool enough, put it in your mouth with the correct side facing up
  • Gently bite down and hold it for 15 seconds
  • Submerge it in the pot of cold water for about a minute
  • Finally, move the lower jaw forward using the two screws, making sure it is relatively comfortable

The manufacturer says you can safely remold the device at least three times

Cleaning and Longevity of the VitalSleep Mouthpiece

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece is easy to clean, though you need to make sure to clean all the little crevices left by your teeth. You should clean it after every use. To clean, use a toothbrush and toothpaste, brush thoroughly and into the little holes, and rinse in cold water. Let it air dry.

Though it is not specifically recommended for Vitalsleep, which is a bit odd, all other MADs are recommended to be cleaned once a week in a denture cleaner by letting the device soak in the denture cleaner for about 10 minutes, following the instructions, then rinsing in cold water, and letting it air dry.

Make sure to store your device in a dry place.

The product should last about a year, though it will depend on the user, and on whether it is properly cared for (washed properly, and stored in a dry place). So for instance if you usually grind your teeth, because the device will have to fight your jaw movements, the device may not last as long.

Potential Side Effects

The side effects incurred by wearing the Vitalsleep are not specific to it, rather they are common amongst MADs, though these side effects should be at their worse in the first few days, and quickly decrease in intensity before vanishing entirely, or almost.

The side effects include:

  • Jaw soreness
  • Excessive drooling
  • Dry mouth
  • And can also include: tender teeth, irritation of the gums, and minor changes to the way your jaw closes

If the side effects are a bit too intense on the first day, it can be because you pushed the lower jaw forward too much, so re-adjusting the device by slightly bringing the lower jaw back by using the two screws may help. Though the pain should never be too intense, even on the first day. Users report soreness, not acute pain, during the first days.

Clinical Trials

There have not been any clinical trials run on this specific product, though this isn’t a deal breaker for the Vitalsleep, many really effective products on the market that have been approved by the FDA or other governmental health-regulating institution, do not have clinical trials either. On the other hand, the type of product, MADs, have been reviewed extensively by the scientific community, and many of them have gone through successful clinical trials.

Will the VitalSleep Mouthpiece Work for You?

The Vitalsleep is a MAD that has gotten decent customer feedback and reviews online. It will only stop your snoring if you are snoring because of the vibration of tissues at the back of the throat. And though MADs in general can solve mild to moderate sleep apnea, if you do have this condition, which could be serious, talk to your doctor before using any products of this sort. But MADs are a proven tool to fight snoring, and with its boil-and-bite process, and minor adjustments, the Vitalsleep should give you a comfortable fit.

The side effects should not be an issue after a few days, though the extent to which these side effects affect you when using this product will vary amongst users (and for the same individual, will vary between products).

People with partial dentures can wear it, according to the manufacturer.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee, a 2 year warranty.

How Much Does it Cost and Where to Buy it

The Vitalsleep can be bought on its official website:

It cost $69.95 for one and $39.00 additional to buy two.

Shipping costs in the US are free, international shipping will be charged though.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee.

There is also a 2-year warranty that will replace the device in case it stops functioning within a year, given it had been used and cared for “normally”.

Company Behind the Product

The company was founded in 2010, and is based in New York. The product was created by a doctor with many years of experience. There isn’t much information on the company, but the product itself has had decent customer feedback and reviews, and it has been cleared by the FDA.

Summary of the VitalSleep Mouthpiece

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece is an Adjustable MAD. It will keep your jaw in a forward position in order to keep the back of your throat cleared so air can freely pass through. The boil-and-bite process fits the device to your jaw and teeth, and then you can push the lower jaw forward with precision using the screws on each side of the mouthpiece. It is made of a BPA and Latex free thermoplastic, making it safe to use every day.

The Vitalsleep comes in one slim fit size. It has an opening at the front allowing the user to breathe through their mouth. That way you can wear the device when you have a stuffy nose. The hole is made bigger as you push the lower tray forward (making your lower jaw be pushed forward).

Can be worn by people with partial dentures.

The device should be cleaned after each use using cold water, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. It should be stored in a dry place, and though it is not explicitly recommended, all other MADs are recommended to be washed once a week using a denture cleaner.

If properly cared for the device should last you about a year. And after only a few days, it should be comfortable to wear.

It has a 60-day money back guarantee, provides a free replacement if the wrong side was chosen, and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • Free Shipping
  • Add a 2nd Device for $39.00
  • Great adjustability : boil-and-bite, and adjustable with screws
  • Two sizes for even better fit (free replacement for wrong size)
  • Decent reviews online
  • Lasts a year, and comes with a 1-year warranty if it doesn’t
  • BPA and latex free
  • Easy to clean
  • FDA cleared
  • Can be worn by people with partial dentures
  • Breathing hole at the front


  • Not much information on the company
  • No clinical trials on this specific product

Summary: Given its competitive price and longevity, its decent reviews online, all the guarantees/warranties/replacements it has, and because it uses a widely acknowledged remedy to snoring, the Vitalsleep is worth a try.

Though you will want to keep in mind that other products have better reviews, and better-established companies (BBB Accredited for instance).

RatingRated 3.5 stars

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