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ZenSleep Snoring Product Reviews

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  • Last modified: March 22, 2018
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ZenSleep Product Reviews

ZenSleep aims to bridge the divide between high-end snoring aids, which may not be practical for everyone, and over-the-counter products that often simply don’t fix the problem.

ZenSleep offers a variety of products designed not just to mask snoring but to fix the causes, as well as many sleeping accessories to help you and your loved ones get the best possible night’s sleep.

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1) ZenGuard

Price: $99.00


The ZenGuard is a Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD) designed to keep the user’s tongue in place during sleep. This placement helps to prevent Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which can be caused when the tongue falls to the back of the mouth, obstructing air flow and resulting in constriction and relaxation of the throat muscles. The ZenGuard is intended to prevent this kind of obstruction while remaining as unobtrusive as possible. By applying suction to the tongue to keep it slightly outside the mouth, the ZenGuard also helps to prevent teeth grinding and excessive jaw movement, without being as cumbersome or intrusive as a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD).

Design and Specifications

The ZenGuard is made entirely from silicone, to allow it to feel as natural as possible in the mouth. The materials used are certified completely BPA-free.

Based on five years of clinical research, the ZenGuard offers a unique degree of clinical certification and evidence for its performance, based on ZenSleep’s status as a dedicated sleep lab.

Instructions for Use

The ZenGuard features two ridges, which are intended to fit on the outside of the mouth to help keep the device in place. It also includes a notch on the base to ensure it can be correctly oriented in the wearer’s mouth.

When applying and removing the device, it is best to squeeze the bulb at the end for maximum ease of use. Note that while the device holds the wearer’s tongue slightly outside the mouth, it is not necessary to push your tongue the full length of the bulb – aim for the position that is most comfortable. For maximum comfort and utility, it is generally best to practice using the device for shorter periods of 2-3 hours before leaving it in place for a full night’s sleep.

It is not necessary to mold the ZenGuard to fit your mouth in advance, or to look for a specific size – the product is designed as One Size Fits All, so it is ready to use as soon as it arrives.

As with any oral appliance, it is essential always to ensure that the ZenGuard is clean both before and after use. Clean using toothpaste and a toothbrush, then rinse thoroughly with cold water to maintain hygiene.

Side Effects

Although the ZenGuard is designed to be as unobtrusive and comfortable to wear as possible, some users have reported side effects and discomfort after use. Possible side effects can include the following:

  • Tongue Discomfort – Some users have noted that the suction based functioning of the device can result in soreness and increased sensitivity in the tongue. While this is generally temporary, it may last for up to a few days after last using the device.
  • Increased Salivation – In some cases, the device can cause users to experience significantly increased salivation during the night, because of the positioning of the device. It is recommended to take care if prone to excess salivating, as the increase may result in gagging.

While the device is designed to be suitable for all users without requiring additional modification or varied sizes, some users have reported that initial usage is made easier by first heating the device in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Additionally, some user reports state that the device can require trimming to fit best in the mouth.

Product Summary

ZenGuard combines different strategies and technologies to provide a simple, effective solution for snoring and obstructed sleep. However, some users have reported discomfort and problems with the device. Also, at $99, the ZenGuard may be outside the price range of some customers, although it is markedly less expensive than custom-made solutions, while still offering efficiency and comfort.

2) ZenVents

Price: $49.00


Also by ZenSleep, the ZenVents are a nasal accessory designed to tackle snoring from the nose rather than the larynx. One common cause of nasal snoring is nasal congestion, often due to allergies. The ZenVent is designed to provide the maximum possible airflow by dilating the user’s nasal passages while remaining comfortable and easy to use. Like the ZenGuard, the purpose of the ZenVents is to provide the best possible night’s sleep by preventing snoring, which can block REM sleep for the sleeper or their partner.

Design and Specifications

Like the ZenGuard, the ZenVents are made entirely from silicone, which is intended to ensure they are as comfortable as possible in the user’s nasal cavities. Also, the ZenVents are designed to be completely free of odor, so the user can forget that they are applied. They are also made entirely without BPAs to make sure they are not harmful to the user’s health.

The ZenVents come in three sizes – small, medium, and large – to make sure the perfect fit for every user is available. They also come with a plastic case to ensure ease of storage.

Instructions for Use

The ZenVents are intended to be as easy to use and as natural feeling as possible. Because of this, they do not require significant preparation before use and can be inserted directly into the nasal cavity.

However, as with any nasal appliance, it is important always to ensure hygiene. It is recommended to wash the ZenVents with antibacterial soap and to rinse them with cold water both before and after use. It is also recommended to keep them in their plastic case to avoid contamination.

Side Effects

For the most part ZenVents generally receive positive feedback. However, some users report difficulty and discomfort on occasion. Some of the possible downsides to using to the ZenVents include the following:

  • Nasal Discomfort – According to some wearers, the silicone used in the ZenVents can be too hard in some cases, which can cause irritation and pain in the nasal cavities.
  • Overnight Displacement – On occasion, due to the size of the ZenVents or their small external connecting strip, the ZenVents may be displaced from the wearer’s nose.

Product Summary

The ZenVents are intended as a complement or a counterpart to the ZenGuard, providing the same unobtrusive and natural feeling solution to problematic and uncomfortable snoring. Most users report a positive and satisfactory experience, but some wearers may find the ZenVents slightly uncomfortable or, in some cases, ineffective. Also, the price may be prohibitive for some wearers, although for others, the longevity and efficiency of the ZenVents will make it a worthwhile purchase.

3) ZenStrap

Price: $79.00


The ZenStrap is a harness and strap-based device, which functions by keeping the lower jaw in place without obstructing the user’s airways. It is made of soft fabric with an adjustable strap length and ear holes to provide the snuggest fit during sleep.

As it is secured around the back of the wearer’s head, it is not intrusive and, in cases where this is necessary, can be used alongside another snoring aid, such as a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) or TSD.

Instructions for Use

First adjust the ZenStrap around your chin, then secure it in place at the back of your head. Note that some users state that the ear holes may not align perfectly with your hair, while others have noted that having particularly thick hair or a beard may make the ZenStrap difficult to secure fully.

4) ZenMask

Price: $39.00


The ZenMask, a blackout eye mask, is more of a traditional sleep aid than a specifically snoring focused solution. Like the ZenStrap, it is made with a soft and natural feeling fabric, with an adjustable strap to suit each wearer’s needs. It also features a domed shape, so the mask does not press into the wearer’s eyes, while still fitting securely enough to block out all ambient light.

Instructions for Use

Secure the mask in place over your eyes and adjust the strap to secure the best fit.

Some users have reported the straps can be slightly uncomfortable and may start to dig into your ears if not secured correctly. Additionally, some user reports state the straps may break without careful handling.

5) ZenPlugs

Price: $29.00


The ZenPlugs are a set of silicone ear plugs intended to provide an excellent balance of comfort and noise reduction. Unlike OTC products, the ZenPlugs are designed for longevity and are reusable over an extended period of time. They adjust to fit the size of your ear, so are suitable for all customers. Like the ZenStrap and the ZenMask, the ZenPlugs work well as a traditional sleep aid or a complement to the ZenGuard or the ZenVents.

Instructions for Use

Pinch the end of the ZenPlugs before inserting them into your ear to allow greatest ease of access. Note that while the ZenPlugs do offer a high level of noise reduction to allow the wearer to sleep, they are not completely noise-canceling, so wearers will still be aware of loud noises or noises nearby to ensure safety.

For purposes of hygiene, it is recommended to wash the ZenPlugs in warm water before and after use.

Bundles and Promotions

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Most of ZenSleep’s products tend toward the higher end of the sleep aid price spectrum. However, they offer many bundles and promotions which may present better value for money for some customers.

The most straightforward is the Multi-Pack ZenGuard, which includes two ZenGuards for $149.00. This package is ideal for users who may be worried about the longevity of the ZenGuard, for those with a partner who might also want to try the ZenGuard, or for travel purposes.

The All-In-One Stop-Snoring System probably represents the best value for money of all the ZenSleep offers, as it features a ZenGuard, a set of ZenVents, a ZenStrap, a ZenMask, and a set of ZenPlugs in a single bundle for $95.00. This offer includes the full range of ZenSleep’s products and is perfect both for those who want to correct their snoring and those who want a more traditional sleep aid.

Finally, the Super All-In-One Stop-Snoring Bundle includes the same products as the All-In-One, along with an additional ZenGuard in keeping with the Multi-Pack bundle, for a total of $195.00. Again, this represents excellent value for money, although it may be best aimed at customers who have already tried one or more ZenSleep products and are comfortable with the company’s work.

(All prices are taken from ZenSleep’s website and correct at the time of writing.)


ZenSleep offers a range of products suited to different issues with snoring, which means there is something for everyone here. The clinical background of the company also means that the products are certified high-quality. Also, while some customers may find the prices of some ZenSleep products to be prohibitive, the number of bundles and options makes ZenSleep well worth investigating for those in need of a snoring solution.


  • Variety of options
  • Clinical quality
  • Good for oral and nasal snoring
  • Offers aids for snorers and others


  • High cost
  • Some products have been reported as uncomfortable
  • Some products may cause excessive salivation


A good range of products from a well-certified company. Suitable for those who have tried other devices and are still in search of a solution.

Summary: ZenSleep has multiple snoring solutions which can be purchased as a bundle or separately. The most popular ZenSleep product is the TRD, called ZenGuard. TRD’s have been clinically proven to have the same results as snoring mouthpieces.

$29 to $99
RatingRated 4 stars

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