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The Truth about Sleep Deprivation and Gut Health

Sleep deprivation doesn’t just leave you feeling tired.

If you’ve been experiencing sleep issues for a long time, you may have noticed you feel unwell during the daytime too. When you fail to get a good night’s rest, your body goes into overdrive in an attempt to compensate.

Here is the truth about sleep deprivation and your gut health, so you understand why it’s so important for you to address any underlying sleep problems you may be experiencing.

Thrown out of balance

An adequate amount of sleep helps keep all of our body’s internal process in alignment. The most serious effect, other than your ability to get through your day in a tired state, is the way it interferes with your gut health. Gut health is vital for a healthy, strong immune system, which is why people who lack sleep often end up getting sick. While the body is feeling run down, you can be more at risk of having mood issues, depression, lethargy, skin troubles, and even weight gain.

If you’re experiencing these problems, or you’re simply not sleeping well, and suspect health problems may be in your future, then it would be wise to do something now before your problem gets out of hand.

Gut health can deteriorate rapidly

While you may think you can have a few wild nights or get away with sleeping just a few hours, studies show that healthy adults can get sick after just a couple of nights without sufficient rest. If you’re getting less than five hours of sleep per night, you can expect to do instant damage to your stomach’s good bacteria, which will leave you susceptible to viruses, diseases, and any other problems your immune system won’t be strong enough to fight.

Unfortunately, regular naps won’t make much of a difference. This is why it is so important to address sleep issues as soon as they begin. If you’re reading this, you may have noticed you’ve had a sleep issue for a while but done nothing about it. If this is your situation, get expert help and from tonight, start to give your body the healthy sleep it needs.

What is quality sleep?

Most adults believe that quality sleep is all about the number of hours we spend in bed, but again, this isn’t true. The most important thing to consider is whether you get enough quality sleep, so you need to ask yourself whether the majority of your time spend in bed was spent sleeping deeply or did you toss and turn most of the night? If you find you’re in bed for the standard eight hours, but you’re waking up most of it or having a restless night, it would be worth it to find out why.

So how does quality sleep affect the stomach?

Researchers aren’t quite sure how this is done, but studies indicate that quality sleep helps the human body maintain the balance of healthy bacteria, known as the microbiome, in the stomach. Interestingly, scientists have observed that the relationship between sleep and gut health works both ways. That is to say, people who take positive actions for gut health during the day report sleeping better at night.

What we know about the gut and sleep is constantly evolving as new studies are released. In fact, a recent study went further to suggest that these changes in the gut may be the cause of more life-threatening conditions, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Embrace a pro-sleep diet

People with severe sleep issues, such as those who have insomnia or other problems, can consider following a diet designed for better sleeping patterns. Choose a healthy, balanced diet that provides nourishment for your gut bacteria, including probiotics and plant-based foods. Make sure you avoid food items that are not beneficial for gut health, so reduce your consumption of processed foods and sugar.

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It’s also important to remember not to eat heavy meals close to the time you go to bed, so definitely don’t eat a huge spicy meal, which will sit grumbling in your stomach all night. If you need to eat late at night, choose something healthy, light, and easy to digest.

New technologies designed to help

While you can’t fix your stomach overnight, thankfully you can take advantage of the advancements in sleep technology. Spend time making a list of your complaints and discomforts, talk to your partner, and then investigate the possibilities.

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Whether you’re simply too hot, not comfortable enough, having breathing issues, or snoring – there is an option designed to suit. Don’t just put up with the problems associated with sleep deprivation, take charge and reclaim a life of health and well-being today.

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