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Want to stop snoring? Here are 6 things that work and 3 that don’t!

So, how do they call you? A whistler, a rumbler or the Darth Vader wheezer?

Jokes aside. Snoring is no fun. Especially for your bed partner struggling to sleep next to you or a restless roomie behind the wall.

One recent study calculated that many of us lose up to three weeks’ sleep per year because of our better halves’ snoring.

For you, snoring means that you spend more energy to breathe at night, thus not getting as good rest as you could have.

Do yourself some good today and check out the next 6 things that can help you stop snoring (and 3 that you shouldn’t waster your time on)!

1. Change your sleeping position

Sleeping Positions to Prevent Snoring

When you sleep on your back, your throat feels greater pressure, thus the “Zzzz” sound gets louder. If you turn to your side, not only it becomes quieter, but you’ll save yourself from bruises caused by frequent elbowing from your bed partner.

Having troubles getting used to sleeping on your side? There’s a simple trick for that. Just sew in a small ball (tennis or ping-pong) in the front pocket of a T-shirt and wear it backwards in bed. Lying on your back gets pretty uncomfortable this way, so you are likely to switch to another sleeping position.

2.  Lose weight

Having a few extra pounds can add tissue to the neck that presses and restricts airways, creating the vibrations that produce snores. Besides, people who consequently add extra pounds each year are more likely to develop sleep apnea – a serious diseases harming your whole body.

If you started snoring after you’ve gained some weight – that’s definitely a sign you need to get rid of it! Losing weight leads to a number of other health benefits including lower risks of heart attacks and strokes, lower blood pressure and even better teeth according to a new research from the University of Iowa.

3. Get a humidifier

In case you are snoring due to a seasonal allergy or nasal congestion which get worse in dry air, sleeping with a humidifier can bring some relief At least it will reduce irritation of the sinuses and help you breathe with your nose, not your mouth.

4.  Try an oral snoring device

Oral snoring devices

Oral snoring devices are a popular solution today that actually helps a lot to get rid of snoring once and for all! Known as mandibular advancement devices (MAD) or simply snoring mouthpieces, oral sleeping devices look like a gum shield that tightly fits around your teeth and create more space at the back of your throat by holding up your tongue and jaw forward. Modern mouthpieces are rather comfy and easy to get used to. Here are some of the best models to check out with reviews included (SnoreRx, ZQuiet, Zyppah, Good Morning Snore Solution).

5. Check out nasal valves

A rather new solution on the market steadily gaining certain popularity. Nasal valves look like two round peaces of patches, you stick to each of your nostril and it acts as a one-way valve – keeps the airway open with just enough pressure, you need to breathe normally. Originally, designed for treating sleep apnea, they also serve great for eliminating snoring. However, nasal valves are not cheap and each one can be used just once.

6. Trying CPAP device

Often seen as the last resort for snorers, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices have a record of proven results in treating sleep apnea and snoring, however, they are bulky and rather uncomfortable to use. Over 40% users confessed they just couldn’t wear it each single night as the physician prescribed. Besides, CPAP devices come with a high price tag, so don’t rush buying one before consulting with a specialist.

Things that don’t work.

1. Fancy sleeping pillows

Dr. M. Safwan Badr, M.D., from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that getting rid of snoring isn’t as simple as just buying a new pillow and there have been no scientific evidence to support their use.

While special anti-snoring pillows are aimed at improving your neck position, chances you are going to sleep on it in the right position are rather low. Some of them have a weird chemical smell and are known to cause daunting neck pain. Costing too much, special sleeping pillows are definitely not worth to splurge.

2. Nasal strips

Nasal strips are sort of hit or miss – some claim they helped, some claim they don’t. Doctor Bard says that while they may reduce your snoring volume and make your bed partner happier, they do not actually make the phenomenon go away.

3. Anti-snoring pills and sprays

Another controversial solution that helps only a certain category of snorers. Being all-natural pills and sprays usually, help you clearing the sinuses. However, if you snore for some other reason (and probably you do), those would be pretty useless.

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