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The Best Snore Guard is SnoreRx, I’ve Tested Them All

Do you ever wake yourself snoring in the middle of the night?  Snoring is a common problem, but for many, it is more than just an inconvenience; it’s embarrassing, and it keeps you and your loved ones from a good night’s rest.

But finally, there is a solution. No more throwing money down the drain on snore strips, earplugs, and scary looking apparatus – SnoreRx is an FDA approved mandibular advancement device, available over the counter but customizable, and – most important of all for the skeptics who have tried everything and been disillusioned – it offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Other mouthguards also have similar guarantees and it is important to note that not all devices work for everyone. Other snoring devices to check into are ZQuiet and Zyppah.

Health Benefits

Everyone snores on occasion. However, habitual snoring can be problematic and worsens with age. You can impair the sleep patterns of your loved ones, but it may also jeopardize your own health as you battle oxygen and sleep deprivation. Poor sleep habits can lower productivity and cause daytime fatigue, but alarmingly, it can also cause high blood pressure, chronic headaches, acid reflux, depression, and even obesity.

Custom Fit

It’s easy to be skeptical of the SnoreRX with so many other more ineffective products flooding the market, but a quick search online revealed that no one has anything but glowing opinions about the appliance. That may be because of the care that has gone into the development and production of the product. SnoreRX uses a boil-and-bite technology to achieve “Microfit,” which means that to customize the guard, you boil it quickly to soften it, then clamp down it. This way it molds to your mouth, then it’s dipped in ice water to set.

Think of it as a do-it-yourself version of a retainer fitting in the orthodontist’s office. This fitting is a unique feature to the SnoreRX and adjusts the position of your jaw to alleviate snoring and increase comfort.

This feature is what makes the SnoreRX so effective – the jaw is held in a forward position, so the tongue does not relax and fall over the airway, blocking it and causing the vibrations and fight for air that determines the severity of most snoring. The airflow improves as well, and after a few nights of good sleep without waking yourself up and getting proper oxygenation, you will be amazed at how good you feel.

The forward position is not unusual in a MAD, but most aren’t custom fit to your mouth, so they pull forward into one position the manufacturer expects to work for every consumer. Every mouth is different though, and the SnoreRX allows for micro-adjustments up to 10 millimeters, almost a half inch.

Other MADs and anti-snoring apparatuses often utilize rubber bands or secondary screws or other pieces that create further discomfort. This discomfort isn’t necessary with the SnoreRX, thanks to the custom fit.


Users of other MADs say they were simply unable to use the product because it caused soreness. This is because they aren’t customized, while the SnoreRX is. The SnoreRX will cause some sleep disruption for a few days until you acclimate to the product and the sensation of having an apparatus in your mouth and an un-relaxed tongue. However, the movements are custom to your own mouth and needs, so discomfort is minimal.

The SnoreRX can also be adjusted over time. This stand-alone feature, called Flex-Jaw, allows for a refit in the event it becomes too loose or your own jaw alignment changes. The material cushions teeth so no more feeling like you will choke on a hard device that may encourage more teeth grinding in your sleep.


At first glance, the pricing on this device may be a little startling. After all, similar lesser items you can pick up off store shelves cost less than half the $99 price tag of the SnoreRX. However, the SnoreRX has a 30-day guarantee – unheard of in a market of customizable wherein a product cannot be returned. Made of a medical-grade copolymer, it is very durable, with a lifespan of a year or more while the majority in this market only last four to six months. Further, there is a bulk discount for purchases of three or more, so consider splitting the cost with two friends, purchasing a few for traveling, or when the product needs to be replaced at the end of its year-long effectiveness.

Expert Approval

The SnoreRX was invented by Jim Fallon, the founder of Apnea Sciences Corporation. He had the assistance of an engineering firm and an FDA consultant in the creation of the product. Today, the device is sold in 39 countries and is FDA cleared, a claim not many other MADs can make. It also meets Medicare standards and is approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Certification by AASM is a gold standard in sleep health products. It’s even been approved for use with Temporomandibular Joint disorder (TMJ).

But the real experts are the customers themselves – those who, like you, have dealt with snoring for years and suffered lack of sleep, familial strife, and possibly low productivity because of it. Negative online reviews of the SnoreRX do not seem to exist in significant number, and the average rating of the product is well above a 4 out of 5 stars on every website.

MADs are generally not covered by health insurance and doctor-ordered medical devices like a CPAP machine may be necessary. But there are problems with coverage for CPAPs on many health insurance plans and of course, not everyone carries health insurance. The SnoreRX is an alternative to consider for those who have been recommended an apparatus for intervention but cannot afford the deductibles or other costs associated with purchasing machines with or without insurance. While the $99 price tag may seem high in comparison to other similar products, it is also the most effective and is a bargain when the alternative is an investment in a CPAP.


The SnoreRX is an innovative product designed to relieve snoring and improve the lives of customers who are experiencing sleep disruption and daily dysfunction due to its severity. One of the most popular and effective MADs on the market, it was developed with the help of experts who created a durable but customizable over the counter medical device that will change the lives of those who make the wise investment.

The SnoreRX, with its 30-day money back guarantee, is a risk-free step to regaining your sleep, health, and vitality.

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