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Is It Better To Sleep Without A Pillow?

The concept of the pillow dates back nearly 9,000 years to Mesopotamia when people used blocks of stone to raise their heads while they slept.

The ancient Egyptians are also believed to have rested their heads on stone to keep bugs from crawling into their ears, mouths, and noses.  The ancient Chinese used ceramic, stone, or wood pillows.  The Greeks and Romans used pillows made of cloth that were stuffed with feathers or straw.

Women Sleeping Without A PillowWhile most of these ancient forms of pillows sound rather uncomfortable they suggest that humans have always sought ways to raise their heads in order to sleep more comfortably.

Some individuals sleep better without pillows and others need 2 or even 3 to be comfortable at night.  Try to choose pillows that do not trap heat as our bodies need to drop in temperature to sleep well.


Sleep Without A Pillow

4 Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow

While sleeping with or without a pillow is a personal preference, there are some medical experts that believe there are real benefits to sleeping without a pillow.  My better sleep guide explains the positions that improve deep sleep.

1. Spinal Alignment

Sleeping without a pillow is the natural position of sleep and greatly benefits the spine.  Sleeping on your back without a pillow allows the spine to rest evenly with the natural curves of the body.  A thick pillow it can displace the spine.

2. Facial Benefits

Sleeping without pillows can help reduce wrinkles.  This can be attributed to the fact that the face is not being squished against a pillow.

3. Sleep Quality

Some argue that pillows interfere with quality sleep, especially when people use the wrong pillow.  Sleeping without a pillow helps ensure quality sleep because the body is allowed to be at a normal level and not elevated like with a pillow.

4. Neck Pain Relief

Sleeping with a pillow can be the main source of shoulder and neck pain.  Using the wrong pillow is an often overlooked source of neck problems.

While there are many reasons to sleep with or without a pillow most medical experts agree that it is more a matter of personal preference.  If you find sleeping more comfortable without a pillow, then sleep without one because of the benefits.  If, however, you find sleeping with a pillow more comfortable, make sure to purchase the right one for spinal alignment.

Are There Pillows that Simulate Sleeping Without A Pillow?

Yes! Level Sleep Pillows are sold by chiropractors because of spinal benefits like alignment.   The Level Sleep pillow also provides ear holes to prevent wrinkles.

The pillow is also adjustable in height and proven to reduce snoring.  In fact, it is rated as one of our top snoring aids.  The LevelSleep TriSupport mattresses also align your back for perfect posture.
level sleep pillow

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Because pillows have become so important to our modern culture you can find a variety of pillows designed for various sleeping styles.

Other Pillow Types:

Thinner Pillows

These pillows are great for individuals that sleep on their back because they prevent the head from being too far forwards.

Firm, Thick Pillows

These pillows are good for people that sleep on their sides.  They are designed to fill the space between the ear and shoulder.

Thin, Flat Pillows

These pillows are good for stomach sleepers.  Some stomach sleepers do not need a pillow for their head, but instead, place it under their stomach to prevent lower back pain.

Cervical Pillows

These pillows support your neck.

“Cool” Pillows

These pillows are designed to help women suffering from hot flashes.

Pillows are not always the primary cause of poor sleep.   Other conditions that affect sleep are poor health, snoring, sleep apnea, and blood sugar conditions.    If snoring is disrupting your sleep read my reviews on SnoreRx, Zquiet, and Zyppah to learn how these devices can help.

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