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Exercises To Stop Snoring Naturally

Three Simple Exercises To Stop Your Snoring Naturally

There are many solutions to stop or at least lessen your snoring from simply sleeping on your side to actually undergoing surgery.  But there may be another way to curb those snoring habits.  In fact, there are exercises you can do that may help your chronic snoring.  These stop snoring exercises, mainly target the jaw, tongue, and facial muscles in order to strengthen them and keep them tighter during sleep which reduces the blockage of air passageways.

Here are some of the most common and effective exercises to help stop snoring.

Jaw Exercises

There are many different jaw exercises that you can do to help stop or reduce snoring, but one of the easiest exercises is to pretend you are chewing a piece of gum.  Simply move your jaw up and down in a chewing motion for a minute at a time several times a day.  It may sound strange and too simple, but doing this exercise without anything inside your mouth is the most effective way to perform this exercise.

Another simple exercise includes trying to stick your lower jaw past your upper jaw and then hold it there for 10 seconds.  Make sure your teeth are showing when you protrude your jaw to reap the most benefits of this exercise.  You can expect the best results when you do this around 10 times a day.

You can also simply hold your mouth open as wide as possible and hold it there for a few seconds.  Do this as often as possible, but at the very least 10 times a day.  Going along the same lines as opening your mouth widely is to smile as exaggeratedly as possible and hold it for a few seconds.  Try and do this repeatedly throughout the day.

This last jaw exercise is one of the most useful, but also requires you to use your hands.  Open your mouth side and use your hands to apply gentle pressure to your lower jaw while your mouth is open.   Slowly apply continual pressure almost until it becomes painful and do it for 10 seconds at a time.  Perform this exercise as often as possible throughout the day.

Tongue Exercises

The tongue is one of the most common culprits of snoring because it can fall backwards and obstruct the airway at the back of the throat.  If you can strengthen your tongue you can help alleviate this issue.

Tongue Exercises To Stop Your Snoring Naturally

The first and possibly the simplest exercise is a tongue extension.  Try to stick your tongue out as far as possible.  Then move it side to side and up and down without curling your tongue.  Do this for 10 to 15 seconds and then slowly relax your tongue in your mouth for a few seconds.  Then repeat the process.  Do this as many times a day as possible for a few minutes at a time.  Some people feel self-conscious while doing this exercise so it may be best to do it privately.  This exercise will help strengthen the back of your tongue and jaw and can help reduce snoring when combined with other exercises.

Throat Exercises

Singing along to your favorite tunes is one of the best ways to help you stop snoring.  Although simply singing along to one of your favorite tunes can help it is better to perform singing exercises much like those done by professional singers.  Try singing “la, la, la” while moving up and down through different notes and pitches.  Then try the same thing with “fa, fa, fa” and then with “ma, ma, ma.”  You can also try saying each vowel over and over 20-30 times before you go to bed.  This can help to loosen your tongue and jaw muscles.

Try these for a few days and let us know in comments how did you do and did it helped with your snoring. We love to hear from you.

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