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How To Cure Snoring Naturally

How To Cure Snoring Naturally

Your nightly bedtime ritual consists of brushing your teeth, transforming from your work attire into your pajamas, reading an excerpt from your favorite book or watching the international news before you turn off your brain and retire for the evening. Before you pull the blankets back from your side of the bed, you look at your partner with a blank stare because you are desperately trying to find the right words.

An uncomfortable conversation.

You open your mouth, and the words dribble out slowly, “I am exhausted, and I need a peaceful night’s sleep.” Your partner replies in an agitated tone that begins to elevate, “Are you talking about my snoring? I told you that I cannot help it. Do you want me to sleep on the couch, so you can get your precious sleep? Well, do you?” At this point, the conversation is a disaster. Your eyes begin to shift towards the floor, while you start to say, “No, honey. I don’t want you to sleep on the couch. I will be more understanding.

Your snoring epidemic is not a mystery.

Snoring is a chain reaction that involves your tongue, upper throat, soft palate and uvula vibrating against your tonsils and adenoids. Even though it’s transparent to your knowledge, your snoring is interrupting your body’s rest, and your partner’s sleep pattern as well. There are anti-snoring devices that can help reduce or eliminate snoring. We’ve reviewed the top solutions and rank SnoreRx #1.


How to cure your partner’s snoring with simple remedies.

  • If you enjoy a cocktail before retiring for the evening, you are relaxing your throat muscles, which is allowing associated tissue to sag. This combination causes vibrations in your airway, resulting in a nightly snoring session. Abstaining is not the intent, instead, change your cocktail hour in the afternoon.
  • Even though sleeping on your back is comfortable, you are creating an opportunity for your tongue and soft palate to rest on the back of your throat, which can block or disrupt your airway. Attempt to sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs for comfort, so your airway will not be obstructed.
  • You may have a long list of allergies, which can create nasal congestion, however, you can dust, clean pet dander, change your bed sheets weekly to minimize allergen particles. To increase your success, you can purchase a humidifier, in combination with decreasing allergens, which will restore moisture to your nasal passageways, so you can acquire a peaceful night’s rest.
  • If you are a dedicated smoker, you are creating an environment for nasal congestion, which is a primary cause for your inflamed mucous membranes. Because your mucus membranes are agitated, your throat will swell and restrict your airway causing you to snore. Quitting smoking is not a simple task, but several over the counter “stop smoking aids” are available at a minimal cost.
  • An understanding tone is part of the cure.

There are several delicate conversations that require a unique angle, especially, an open discussion that targets “How to cure your partner’s snore.” Take a deep breath, and look at your partner with caring eyes, so he or she will deactivate their emotional alarms. Start the conversation with, “I know your snoring is disrupting your sleep, but I would like to share some techniques with you on how to cure your snoring naturally.” The relief on your partner’s face will be endearing, and both of you will begin a journey toward a peaceful night’s sleep.

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