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How to Curb Snoring

Medical specialists may recommend anti snoring mouthpieces or other remedies for people who suffer from excessive snoring

Everyone snores, but some tend to snore more than others. However, if it occurs frequently it can affect your quality of sleep as well as anyone who happens to be sleeping near.

Why We Need Sleep

The body needs sleep to rest and repair itself. Once it is in slumber the body repairs muscles, organizes memory and boosts your immune system. According to medical experts sleep also allows the body to heal faster, increases endurance and live longer as well.

Snoring, on the other hand, has a tendency to disrupt a person’s sleep cycle and may also be caused by other conditions like obstructive sleep apnea. Fortunately, the following tips may help in curbing the problem –

Sleeping on the Side

The base of the tongue and palate may recede to the back of a person’s throat if he/she sleeps on their back. This may cause the area to vibrate and trigger snoring. Sleeping on the side may prevent this from happening.

However, the condition might be indicative of a medical condition if it still persists regardless of how an individual sleeps.

Lose those Extra Pounds

While snoring is a condition that can occur in anyone, it tends to occur more in overweight men than women.

A person who is overweight will have bulky throat tissue which may cause him/her to snore while asleep. This happens when the excess fat within the internal diameter of the throat area causes it to collapse during sleep; a condition that triggers snoring.

Obstructed Nasal Airways

Excessive snoring may also be a sign of obstructed nasal passages. This is also why some people might tend to snore more during allergy season than any other day. However, the condition might also occur due to medical causes such as a nasal polyps or a deviated septum.

Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

A doctor might recommend anti snoring mouthpieces for a person who still suffers from the condition despite several attempts to curb it. In general, these are devices that are designed to keep a person’s jaw or tongue in position during sleep. In other words, they prevent the tongue and palate from collapsing when the body is resting.

The devices are also tested through several medical trials before they are introduced in the market and are made from soft plastic so as to not irritate the mouth.

Long or Soft Palate or Uvula

A medical specialist might also recommend anti snoring mouthpieces for an individual who snores due to a soft palate or uvula. A long or soft uvula or palate can make the opening between the mouth and nasal passage narrow. This may cause the structures to collapse against each other and vibrate which in turn causes the airway to become obstructed.

Snoring does not only cause problems for the people who suffer from it, but it is also a nuisance for their bed partners or other members of the family.

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