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7 Popular Anti-Snore Pillows, A Review of Brands

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” ~ Thomas Dekker

A good night’s sleep is the best way to start a day. While many variables influence sleep quality, the pillow may be the most underrated.  The right pillow selection can make a significant difference.

Here are seven snoring pillows that assure a restful sleep.

1. Level Sleep Restore Pillow

back of levelsleep pillowAn ergonomic design that positions the head to promote maximum airflow and reduce snoring, the Level Sleep Restore Pillow is built for maximum sleep quality. It eliminates shoulder pain that can result if too much or too little support puts pressure on soft tissues, neck muscles, and the cervical spine.

The Restore Pillow has a soft center section that keeps the head stable while sleeping on the back but is also comfortable while sleeping in other positions. The neck is maintained in its natural alignment, which opens the airways, encourages proper breathing, and reduces or eliminates snoring. The neck pillow support section is offered in two support levels for maximum comfort and is adjusted by merely turning the pillow 180 degrees. The pillow height can also be changed according to each sleeper’s preference, using any combination of three inserts.

Unique “ear well” indentations are located on each of the four corners of the pillow. During side sleeping, the depressions provide a space to accommodate the ears, therefore, reducing the uncomfortable pressure that is characteristic of sleeping on a traditional pillow.

The manufacturer claims the pillow can also discourage skin wrinkling. During sleep when the head is angled forward, creases are created in the skin around the neck. Also, side sleeping on a firm pillow can cluster the sensitive facial skin. Over time the effect can be the formation of wrinkles in both areas. The Restore Pillow ear wells reduce the gathering of skin around the face and neck, while the backward head tilt position helps reduce wrinkles in the neck area.

A rich, premium, 4-way stretch, washable, and odorless fabric covers the pillow and stays cool to maintains breathability and comfort.

Clinical trials conducted at Stanford University found the Restore Pillow reduced snoring by 78% and sleep apnea by 24%.

2. Smart Nora

smart nora pillow boxFor people who are reluctant to give up their favorite pillow and can’t find an anti-snore pillow that is comfortable, the Smart Nora anti-snoring system could be just what they need.

The Smart Nora consists of two main elements; a pillow insert that goes into any pillowcase and the Pebble, a snore-sensing device equipped with a microphone that sits on a nightstand, can be mounted onto a wall or located anywhere ideally four inches from the snorer’s head. During sleep, the Pebble monitors the sleeper’s breathing. Once the snoring begins and reaches a level sufficient to disturb a sleeping partner, the monitor activates the insert via Bluetooth.

Five different noise levels are available on the Nora System based on the ambient sleeping environment. Intended for perfectly quiet bedrooms, the ultimate level can be set to activate the device by the mildest snoring. A lower sensitivity level can be selected if the sleeper is accustomed to sleeping with background music or the bedroom contains other noises.

Once activated, the pillow insert inflates and deflates slowly without interrupting sleep. The movement gently stimulates the upper throat muscles, opening the air passage and allowing for steadier breathing, with minimal or no snoring.

Stretching from one end of the pillowcase to the other, the insert influences the snorer no matter where the head rests on the pillow. The full-length coverage allows the snorer to sleep in any position.

The Smart Nora is a non-invasive, silent, and portable system that works with smartphone technology and any pillow. The app tracks snoring, sleep patterns, records noises, and can playback the sleeper’s snoring patterns.

3. Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow

nitetronic pillow packageThe Nitetronic Goodnite is another non-invasive and comfortable pillow created to lessen or eliminate snoring. Employing sophisticated technology, its effectiveness has been confirmed in clinical studies that demonstrated a reduction in snoring by nearly 85%.

Made of foam, the Nitetronic Goodnite is designed to work with any head position, and either back or side sleeping positions. During sleep, sensors inside the pillow detect the head position and use the information to determine which of the six-integrated air-chambers are inflated when snoring starts. The quite inflation causes subtle movements that gently turn the head to the side.

The repositioning of the head opens the airway and clears any blockage that may cause the soft tissue vibration at the back of the throat. Once the airway clears, snoring will subside significantly or stop entirely, and the sleeper will breathe easier without waking up. The pillow will maintain the head in its new position for sufficient time to discourage snoring from starting up again.

The pillow’s innovative sound and vibration detection system are sensitive only to sounds made by the person using the pillow. Outside noises and even those made by a sleeping partner are filtered out. It won’t even react to a partner’s snoring. For sleep partners who both snore, separate pillows will only be activated by the sound of snoring coming from the individual using it.

The Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow includes the Nitelink2 Smartphone app, which provides feedback on the effectiveness of the device. During sleep, the app records important data including snoring frequency, duration, and intensity indicating the nightly quality of sleep. Use of the app is not required, and the pillow will function independently.

4. Purple Pillow

Purple Pillow openThe Purple pillow is made by the same company that produces a mattress with a unique advanced cushioning technology.


The Purple pillow is built with their Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the same material used for their mattresses. The durable polymer is soft, sturdy, and can stretch 15 times its resting size. It is specifically designed to conform to the sleeper’s head and neck without leaving an impression.

The pillow, like the mattresses, has been molded using smart grid technology, a shape that can relax under pressure points and redistribute the pressure to other areas. The poly mesh feature also encourages maximum breathability with the free air flow ventilation provided by poly chambers that do not compress with applied weight.

The pillow also includes two pads to adjust the height for individual preferences. The boost option allows for multiple sleep positions which makes it appealing to a variety of people and sleeping styles.

The Purple pillow is heavy and awkward when holding in the hands but stays in the same position once it is placed on the bed. While it is not ideal for propping up against the headboard to read or watch TV, it lays flat and doesn’t move through the night with a shifting sleeper, as do traditional pillows.


Bamboo and cotton fabrics with their open cellular structure breathe easier than synthetic materials. The plush casing of the Purple Pillow is constructed from a blend of polyester, bamboo, and spandex. The material stays cooler since fibers pull moisture away from the body which vaporizes. The cover is entirely white with a purple zipper which permits removal of the entire interior portion of the pillow for cleaning. The thick and soft cover is 100% machine washable.

5. Layla Pillow

Layla pillow coverProduced by the same company that manufactures the Layla copper infused mattress with a flipping firmness option, the Layla pillow is made with a kapok memory foam fill.

The kapok fiber is a natural, renewable material that comes from the seeds of a Kapok tree. It has a silky feel that makes an ideal soft and light filler when combined with shredded responsive memory foam. Shredded memory foam provides soft contouring and has exceptional support properties superior to those of traditional firm memory foam. Although it is thicker and slightly firmer, the filling is similar in feel to an overstuffed feather and down pillow.


The Layla cover is a combination of Lycra, polyester, viscose, and rayon, and is interlaced with Copper fibers to provide coolness and antimicrobial protection.

The Layla company claims many benefits from the addition of Copper fibers woven into the composition of their cover:

  • Rapidly dissipates body heat providing a cooler sleep
  • Provides an anti-bacterial and anti-viral barrier
  • The release of positive ions in copper fabrics promotes health and wellness and therefore better sleep.


Although not unequivocally confirmed by clinical studies some believe the positive ions emitted from the copper and its magnetic effect have the power to release toxins from the body, which is why it is used as a tool that helps prevent snoring.

Trial runs with snore apps have demonstrated the Layla pillow to be effective in reducing snoring. However, the study is inconclusive regarding the cause. It is uncertain if the use of copper-infused fabrics or the construction of the pillow itself with its head and neck support in a proper spinal position is responsible for the results. For the snorer, the reason for its effectiveness may not be as important as the positive result.

Cool Sleep

Many cooling systems use copper because it has excellent heat dissipation properties. When body heat transfers to a copper-infused fabric through the process of conduction, it dissipates quickly. For the Layla pillow, the effect is a cool, restful sleep.

6. Eight Sleep Pillow

Founded in 2014, Eight Sleep is well known for producing high-quality pillows, mattresses, sleep accessories, and for incorporating smart sleep technology into their designs. For example, Eight Sleep mattresses use an app that measures and produces reports on sleep duration and quality and even has an option to warm up a bed before bedtime.


The Eight Sleep Pillow is designed to be completely flexible and customized to get the perfect amount of loft and comfort and meet individual sleeping preferences. The exclusive design incorporates removable layers that can be arranged in nine different configurations to provide the head and back support the sleeper desires. The highly adjustable design also allows configuring and reconfiguring the inner pillow components to achieve the desired firmness or softness. The pillow can be flipped from the shredded foam side that feels like down to the other side with the solid piece of memory foam for a firmer feel.


The Eight Pillow includes a 1-inch cushion, a 2-inch cushion, and a 1-inch layer of memory foam, each encased in a simple, breathable cotton pillowcase. The three layers can be arranged to create a firm, soft, thin or thick pillow.

The dense and firm 1-inch memory foam layer provides an ideal molded support for the head and upper spine. Both cushion layers are filled with shredded foam pieces and offer fluffy support that can be stacked or inserted separately for optimum comfort. The pillow stays cool at night with exceptional airflow and breathability throughout.


The cover uses a breathable cotton and provides extra cushioning with a sewn-in layer of shredded polyester. A side zipper permits easy cushion removal for cleaning.

7. iSense Sleep SMART Pillow

The iSense Sleep SMART Pillow is an exceptionally comfortable and height adjustable smart pillow that has a luxuriously soft Dacron® Aqua fiberfill cover designed for moisture absorbency and a cool night’s sleep.

The memory foam pieces are uniformly shaped for support and gel-infused with ThermaPhase™ technology to regulate the temperature. Studies have shown that raising the head slightly during sleep can help reduce snoring and sleep apnea. The iSense pillow pieces are easily added or removed to adjust the height and find the right combination of comfort and support for any sleeping position.

Sleep Tracker

Inserted into the center of the pillow, the sleep tracker’s built-in sensors connect via Bluetooth to Sleepace, the free smartphone app that monitors sleep performance. The app tracks heart rate, sleep cycles, respiratory rate, movements, sleep duration, and overall sleep score. The device also generates a variety of sounds to help induce sleep, and the app automatically turns the music off once the user falls asleep. The alarm feature can set a wake-up window that gently rouses the sleeper at the lightest time in the sleep cycle to yield a refreshed instead of groggy feeling.

The iSense Sleep SMART Pillow combines adjustability, technology, and quality to provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

Final Thought

For the restless sleeper, a change of pillow offers the opportunity to alleviate a mild disorder such as snoring, reduce shoulder and neck pain, or simply provide a cool, plush material that supports the head and neck and promotes restful sleep.


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