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Can Snoring Be Cured?


Numerous studies have shown that snoring continues to affect half of the world’s population at some time during their lives. Snoring is often loud, hard to control, and can affect the sleep of the individual snoring as well as those around them. Additionally, snoring may be a sign of more serious health complications. The obvious question remains, can snoring be cured?

It is difficult to state that snoring can be permanently eliminated, but studies show that snoring can easily be controlled and lessened. Understanding the cause of snoring is the first step to minimizing its effects, and following some basic tips to sleep better and longer will provide easy and helpful solutions to improve sleep.

What Is Snoring?

Snoring is the noise that is produced because of air vibration through the mouth and nose during sleep. The tissues vibrating together produce the audible sound of snoring. On average, men tend to report slightly higher levels of snoring than women, but this continues to be a very common occurrence for both groups. The volume and length of snoring can vary but continues to cause problems in sleeping patterns.

What Causes Snoring?

Very simple factors can affect snoring in men, women, and children. Some of the most common trends include the individual’s history of drug and alcohol use in the past, as well as their physical fitness. Sleep is broken up into stages such as REM sleep and slow wave sleep, and studies have shown the stage of sleep can also affect snoring. Additionally, the sleeper’s position and body posture can also play a role in how they snore.

Complications of Snoring

Snoring is often not seen as a serious condition, but unfortunately, it can lead to more complicated health problems. Over half of regular snorers suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a medical condition where airflow to the lungs is severely restricted, and the snorer ceases breathing. A snorer can stop breathing up to ten times in one hour, which can have serious physical effects.

Although the sleeper may not be aware of it, obstructive sleep apnea causes them to wake up partially and interrupts the regular cycle and pattern of sleep the body needs. This interruption causes exhaustion during the day and loud snoring at night that may be punctuated by loud breaths and snorting noises. Obstructive sleep apnea, a more serious medical condition, is another good reason why seeking to prevent snoring is beneficial.

Sleep deprivation leads to many serious side effects that appear both quickly and further along in the future. Some of the immediate and short-term effects include decreased ability to remember details, reduced alertness, and increased stress. Long term effects of sleep deprivation include potential heart conditions, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of stroke.

Snoring Tip 1: Weight Loss

Losing weight is an effective way to reduce snoring patterns. Snoring is a result of airways closing inside the neck, and by eliminating fat, less pressure and weight is applied to the throat cavity, leaving it with more space to operate normally. One of the key lessons exercise teaches is how to become aware of breathing and can monitor it. Regular, deep breaths can lessen the sporadic gasps snoring produces. For these reasons, losing weight is a healthy, safe, and effective way to minimize snoring.

Snoring Tip 2: Try New Pillows

Allergies are another major factor that can cause snoring. Dust mites are small insects that live inside of pillows, carpets, and furniture, and millions of Americans are allergic to them. If pillows are not changed frequently or placed in a protective cover, countless Americans will find themselves with severe allergies.

The resulting stuffiness, coughing, and sneezing from a dust mite allergy affects breathing, which results in increased snoring. Change pillows frequently and monitor dust mite allergies as another solution to lessening snoring habits.

Snoring Tip 3: Invest in an Anti-Snoring Device

One of the best ways to prevent snoring is by purchasing an anti-snoring mouthpiece or mouth guard. These guards and mouthpieces are extremely popular because they get rid of snoring quickly and safely. Not these devices look the same, and the market is continually growing for affordable, customizable products that will help lessen snoring or get rid of it completely.

Examples of these devices include pillows, chin straps, nasal strips, and mouth guards, produced by a wide variety of brands. These devices are usually very affordable and often offer trial periods to ensure satisfaction. To address snoring promptly, consider buying an anti-snoring device or mouth guard.


Losing weight, changing pillows, and purchasing an anti-snoring device can all help minimize snoring and improve sleep. Trying a different sleeping position, opening the nasal passages, and cutting back on alcohol are other valuable tips to prevent snoring. Although snoring is a frustrating problem, implementing these tips will lessen its effects and improve quality of sleep and quality of life.


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