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Sweating During Sleep

Sweating During Sleep: Causes and Solutions

Sweating while sleeping can be a good or bad thing, depending on your health condition. Sweating is how our bodies cool down and if it happens while we sleep it can be alarming. Evaporation is occurring during the perspiration process. When warm water starts to evaporate, cool water is released from the skin.

With millions of glands in the body, most of them are located on our feet, hands, underarms and face area. Some people produce more sweat than others because they have more glands throughout their body. It could also because they are better at regulating water. Apocrine and Eccrine are two different types of glands. The apocrine is the result of our emotions and the eccrine kicks in to cool off our body and maintain its temperature. If you are sweating throughout the night, eccrine is usually the reason why.

Each of us has an internal thermostat of hypothalamus which manages our body temperature and activates glands when the body becomes warm. The hypothalamus can kick in during hot weather conditions and when we are suffering from an infection or internal health problem. There are various prescriptions and medications that can also trigger sweating.

Why does it happen?

If you are continuously perspiring in your sleep, consider what variables are contributing to evaporation – most of the time it has to do with comfort and room temperature. Heat, humidity and the mattress can play a role in night sweats. The types of blankets that you use may increase perspiration as well. Recently having changed your diet, feeling stressed or ongoing fatigue can cause night sweats. Having an infection or the flu is also common. Depending on your age, you may be experiencing this as a result of aging or menopause. When hormones begin to fluctuate in the body it can create confusion and increase your skin temperature.  

Males also face difficulty with their hormones. They may suffer from a deficiency in the production of testosterone or deal with night sweats because of androgen deprivation drugs. If you are taking antidepressants, hormone therapy, sugar glucose medicine or antipyrectics it will cause you to perspire throughout the night.

Occasionally this is the result of a confused hypothalamus or external heat. When the body is confused it can cause false physical signals, high temperatures and sweating. If a male is producing lower levels of testosterone it will signal the body to sweat; the same happens if there is a high level of stress or poor eating choices. Not getting enough physical activity can cause the nervous system to react which initiates bodily evaporation. If this has been occurring more for you recently, you may want to confide in your doctor. Drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you don’t suffer from dehydration. The reason why this happens varies; if you are dealing with other symptoms it could be a bodily infection. Get tested by your doctor and find what is causing the reaction and how it can be prevented. Acupuncture has been a help to some to reduce snoring. Sometimes Acupuncture or other natural remedies can help with excessive sweating.

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