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Stop Snoring Today by Avoiding These Top 4 Mistakes

Having suffered from the problem of snoring for 10 long years and overcoming it finally, I’m completely eligible to tell you a bit about it. I’ll also give you an insight into some useful points that can help you defeat it completely. Anyone can overcome the snoring problem if he/she educates himself/herself about the condition. The best way of overcoming the snoring problem is by avoiding some commonly made mistakes, which we make unknowingly, on a regular basis. In fact, these mistakes may be the root cause of your problem. If these common mistakes are corrected and you still snore consistently seeing a doctor or trying one of the many snoring mouthpieces such as SnoreRx is recommended. 

Perhaps, you already know about these mistakes and are aware of their consequences, but never gave a thought to overcoming them by taking some active measures in your daily life. It could also be the case that you completely understand the causes of snoring, but never realized that it is some commonly made mistakes which lead to these causes.

A large majority of people suffering from this problem are unaware that snoring actually starts from the soft tissues situated in our throats. Simply put, these soft tissues that exist in the air passage of every individual, go into relaxation mode when we sleep. So, when we breathe during sleep, air gets constantly pushed against these soft tissues. As soon as these tissues go into relaxation mode, the size of space available for air passage also gets reduced considerably. As this passage becomes narrower, air has no option but to force its way out. When the force of air passes through the soft tissues, it causes them to vibrate and flap. Such vibrating sound produced as a result of this phenomenon is what is commonly known as snoring.

You may be wondering if the root cause of snoring is nothing but these relaxed soft tissues, why are there people in the world who don’t snore at all?! There are valid reasons why not everyone snores in this world. Although soft tissues play a key role in the problem of snoring, the main reason why several people don’t snore is that they actually don’t make certain mistakes, which other people do. It is entirely up to the snorer to influence the size of his/her airways for stopping the snoring. Such influence can only be exercised if the person avoids making the following 4 mistakes:

1. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis

We all know that alcohol has muscle relaxant properties. So, when we drink alcohol it relaxes all our body muscles, including the tissues situated in our throat. As mentioned earlier, it is these relaxed soft tissues inside our throats which restrict the flow of air through them when we’re sleeping, thereby making us snore. So, if you stop drinking alcohol, you’ll automatically stop snoring.

2. Smoking excessively 

Anyone who is serious about stopping snoring has no other option but to completely or partially quit smoking. Or perhaps the best she/he should do is completely avoid smoking around the bedtime. Smoking is known to damage the throat tissues and when these tissues get damaged, they impact the flow of air through them. The narrowing of air passage due to constant smoking escalates the snoring problem. Soon after you stop smoking, or reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day, the tissues in your throat also start healing. As a result, you’ll snore less and less, and slowly overcome the problem completely.

3. Being overweight 

Having excessive weight around the throat area, especially in the case of men, can restrict the flow of air through the airways. By shedding weight, the person can reduce the fat density around the throat area. Reduction in tissue mass in this region helps significantly in opening up the airways, thereby helping in overcoming the snoring problem.

4. Taking allergy medications

Medications meant to overcome allergic reactions can reduce the moisture level and cause dryness in the nasal cavities, directly affecting the problem of snoring. The only way to stopping snoring is by avoiding the use of such medications.

To conclude, if you’re serious about overcoming the problem of snoring, you first need to understand its root causes. Thereafter, you must carry out a careful examination if you are making any of the above-mentioned mistakes. After you have carried out such careful analysis, it all comes down to making conscious efforts to stop making these mistakes to overcome snoring forever.

About the Author Robert J. Hudson

Chief editor here at Snore Nation and a proud father of two cool boys. I am a reformed snorer, a reformed smoker, a reformed overeater, a reformed city dweller and a reformed workaholic stress monster on the mission to share my insider tips to restore that quality sleep for you and your partner!

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