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How to Stop Farting in Your Sleep

Sleeping is the most relaxed time we have in life. When the body sleeps, it lets go of everything. Unfortunately, worries and troubles aren’t the only things that our body releases when we sleep. Many spouses have gotten upset and had to leave the bedroom because their wives or husbands exhibited excessive farting during sleep.

Some spouses have even considered this problem to be a deal-breaker. If your marriage is on the rocks because of your excessive nighttime “hind tunes”, you may want to learn more about your condition and how to prevent farting in your sleep.

Why People Fart?

“Fart” is an innovative slang term for the body’s natural process of expelling gasses. Other names for the act of expelling gas from the rear end of the body are breaking the wind, passing gas, ripping pooting, tooting, puckering and busting one’s behind.

One reason the body goes through this process is that the stomach and intestines contain air. The air can mix with gasses from food, and those gasses mix with other gasses during the breakdown process and settle in the digestive system. The gases cannot remain in the body, so they come out through the rear end.

Passing such gas is a natural act that occurs in most people 10-15 times a day. Some people prefer to hold in the gasses because they believe that it is impolite to release them. That may be true according to societal standards, but holding in one’s gas can cause problems, including overnight farting.

Why Your Farts Smell Bad?

Gas that comes from the rear smells so awful because of the types of gasses that are mixed into it. Some of the most common gasses that release from the body are gasses such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ammonia. Those gasses create a stink when they are mixed together. The foods that one eats do play a role in the way that person’s gas smells. However, it will still smell even if the individual eats the healthiest diet possible. There is no escaping from the unfavorable smell of a fart.

How Much Farting Is Healthy?

A healthy amount of farting is about 10 to 25 incidents per day. Excessive gas is a sign of either a poor diet or a condition such as Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Excessive gas or flatulence occurs when a person passes gas frequently and cannot control the outflow.

An individual who is suffering from flatulence may break wind on elevators, department store floors, job interviews and the like. Such a person will also exhibit excessive gas while sleeping. To end the atrocity, one must discover the cause of it. Many things can cause farting and excessive gas to appear.

What Causes Excessive Farting?

Foods That Make You Fart

The first area that a sufferer may want to explore is his or her diet. There are foods that automatically bring forth more gasses. Examples of such foods are beans, broccoli, onions, fried foods, prunes, peas, Brussels sprouts, oat bran, potatoes, bananas and the like. Such foods contain a high level of fiber and will produce flatulence rather quickly. Dairy products like milk can cause excessive gas in people who have a low dairy tolerance. Be careful if you have such a sensitivity as it can cause you to break wind when you don’t want to.

Here’s a quick video explanation as to why do we fart.

Why People Fart in Their Sleep?

People fart in their sleep because all of their muscles are relaxed at the time. They cannot contract the pubococcygeus muscle like they do when they are awake. Therefore, the gas just comes right out and plays not-so-beautiful love songs all night long. It happens to many people, but it is no longer a laughing matter when it starts affecting a marriage. If such is the case, then you should read some tips on how stop farting during the night time. The following tips should be able to help rid you of your problem, or at least get your spouse to stop complaining.

How to Stop Excessive Farting In Your Sleep

10 Tips To Stop Farting In Your Sleep

1. Regulate Digestion with Probiotics

This is especially critical if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or irregular bowel movements.   Probiotics are proven to increase gut health, which in turn increases brain function and energy.   A healthy digestive system will regulate gas.

Get started by purchasing a top-rated Probiotic from Amazon today. 

2. Don’t Eat Immediately Before Bed

This is a no-brainer that many people miss. You will stimulate the digestive system if you eat right before you go to bed, and such activity will cause gas to emit from your rear during sleep. Call it quits on the food about four hours before you go to sleep.

3. Don’t Lie on Your Belly

Avoid sleeping on your stomach if you are a frequent sleep-pooter. That position may press the gases outward and give your spouse a sour facial expression.     Sleeping position can also greatly affect snoring.   Snoring aids include position trainers to help you sleep in one position.

4. Take an Anti-Gas Pill

There’s always a quick over-the-counter solution for any problem. Stores have products that can cut down the amount of gas you have in your system. Beano is the brand name for one of them, but a wide variety of pills is available.

5. Increase Water Intake

Increasing the amount of water you drink will improve your digestive processes. It can also eliminate some of the bacteria from your system. The recommended daily water intake for men and women is eight glasses per day.

6. Eat Some Fennel Seeds

Fennel is a highly effective herb that can tame excessive gas. You can buy in a health food store, or you can grab some online.

7. Ingest Some Ginger

Ginger is a natural element that is kind to the stomach. You can buy it in the form of tea, pills or cookies if you have a sweet tooth.

8. Eat Yogurt

Yogurt is a fantastic food item that balances a number of bacteria in your digestive system. It can help to prevent gas, tummy aches, and yeast infections, as well.

9. Stop Smoking

You suck in air every time you smoke a cigarette, and it ends up coming out while you sleep. Quit smoking, and you may stop making funny fart sounds at night.   Snoring is also greatly reduced in non-smokers.   Anti snoring mouthpieces can also eliminate snoring.

10. Avoid Carbonated Products

Sodas and other carbonated products are a no-no because they bubble up and produce additional gas. Trade them in for a glass of lemon water as much as possible.

Hopefully, you can find a remedy for your condition somewhere in this article. Also, feel free to ask questions or share your funny and smelly stories in commends below. 

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