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Top 7 Points to Keep in Mind When Buying Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

Considering the fact that the present-day anti-snoring mouthpiece marketplace is inundated with a wide variety of choices, it can get difficult for a layman to make the right selection. Often people end up buying either the cheapest or the most expensive anti-snoring mouthguards. However, when looked at from the perspective of results delivered, many such devices have a poor success rate. Why this is so is because people simply look at the costliest or cheapest devices without paying any need to their own unique requirements. We don’t mean to say that the price can be ignored completely, but there are other important factors that should be paid attention too. Let’s go over the top 7 points that you must keep in mind when buying an anti-snoring mouthpiece:

1. Safety

The marketplace is full of anti-snoring mouthpieces which continue to be created from BPA or harmful/chemical materials. Many of these find their way into the market in the absence of strict regulations. Never purchase a stop snoring mouthguard that hasn’t been manufactured with BPA free materials. Please keep in mind that you’ll be using the device every night, and for quite some time. Hence, the safety aspect of the device is something you cannot compromise with.

2. Comfort level

Many anti-snoring mouthpieces have been proven to be effective and are decently designed, but compromise when it comes to the comfort and quality of the material used in their production. There is hardly any point buying a mouthguard which falls short on comfort as the users are required to wear these devices for long periods of time, night after night. Hard and uncomfortable mouthguards only end up causing mouth irritation and users are left with no option but to give up on them after a while. While carrying out some research on the anti-snoring mouthpieces, we came across some devices that were cost-effective, high-quality and proven to work. You can go through some of our top reviews of SnoreRx, ZQuiet, and Good Morning Snore Solution to help make your decision.

3. The track record

Is the anti-snoring mouthpiece you are planning to buy well tested and has been proven to work? Although clinical trials are a fair indicator of workability, until a product has been actually used and benefited from by the real public, its success rate cannot be ascertained correctly. Only when a mouthpiece has been bought and used by the general public, you’ll get the best indicators of the pros and cons of a particular device. In the end, pick a device that has delivered results for the general populace.

4. Don’t buy what you’re sold but what your body requires

As mentioned earlier, anti-snoring mouthpieces come in all price ranges. Don’t fall for the advertising gimmicks of manufacturers and suppliers. There’s no need of buying a mouthpiece just because it is full of extra features (which you may never need). Ensure that you stick to the basic principles of anti-snoring mouthpieces and buy any extras only if you require them. Such extras come in the form of mouthguard adjustability, mouth breathing hole, extra comfortable material etc.

5. Cost of replacement

Often, people don’t realize that anti-snoring mouthpieces are something that wears out with daily use and may need replacement after a point of time. Ideally, most of them will need a replacement after every 3 to 6 months. Some may even last a year. This is an important consideration as the investment of an extra $ 40 on an upfront purchase right now could save you a lot of money in the long-term. One of the main factors that will cause your mouthpiece to age quickly is improper care and cleaning.

6. Counterfeits

If you buy an anti-snoring mouthpiece which has been recommended by doctors, it is most likely to have Class II Medical Device classification. A large majority of top-quality anti-snoring mouthpieces can be purchased directly from their manufacturers to maintain the after sales service and product integrity. Unfortunately, several such models have been copied in Asian countries and are getting increasingly imported into the western countries for making a good profit, all at the cost of product quality. Needless to say, such counterfeits don’t deliver any real benefits and can, in fact, be a great hazard to your health. Apart from such counterfeits, there are non-copied, cheap versions also available under $25, which again don’t deliver any tangible results.

7. Money back guarantee

If it is your first time with an anti-snoring mouthpiece, please keep in mind that it may or may not be the best experience. On the contrary, you may feel a little strange and may take some time to get your body adjusted to wearing an external device. However, please keep in mind that the best anti-snoring mouthpieces come with comprehensive money back guarantees so that you can try them in a risk-free arrangement and get your money refunded if they don’t suit you well. Almost all mouthpieces that don’t deliver promised results, never come with any money back guarantees.

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