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Why Are More Couples Sleeping Apart?

If you sleep apart from your partner, you’re not alone. Many issues can impact getting a good night’s rest when you sleep next to someone else. Sleep deprived couples can suffer from fatigue,

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5 Innovative Wearable Gadgets that Help You Sleep Better

When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep? Can you even remember what one feels like? Sleep is a funny part of our health – we know we need it to be at our best, but the majority

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Why Does Obesity Disrupt Breathing During Sleep?

If you spend most of your day feeling drowsy, you might be surprised to learn that you stop breathing a few times per night while you sleep. Obesity is the most common cause of disrupted sleep. What is

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8 Ways to Turn Off Your Brain So You Can Sleep at Night

Sleep is one of the most important things your body needs, yet sometimes it is a struggle to get that necessary rest. You toss and turn, try counting sheep, or watch a boring movie, but nothing seems to

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8 Best Plants for Cleaner Air and Better Sleep

Indoor plants serve a dual purpose: beauty and utility. Plants are essential to human life, and the right plants can even improve that quality of life through a greater degree of air purification. Snoring,

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